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The Perfect Pairing: Matching Home Fragrance to Your Decor

The Perfect Pairing: Matching Home Fragrance to Your Decor

Find the perfect home fragrance for your home

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on September 14th 2018
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When it comes to setting the mood of your home, it’s not just the visual design of rooms that you should consider. The atmosphere of a space isn’t solely dependent on the colors, textures and lighting decisions you make, but rather the fragrance too. Both our visual and smelling senses are extremely powerful, and what we see and smell can dramatically alter our mood. As such, it seems that aesthetics and scent should be used together in tandem to create the ultimate holistic home experience. But just what kind of home fragrance should you use?


Of course, it’s important to use a home fragrance which you love – it is your home after all. But for those looking for a bit more guidance, how about letting the theme of your decor determine how your home should smell? Ahead, keep reading for our foolproof guide to pairing your decor with a matching home fragrance.

Home Fragrance Pairing: Bright and breezy coastal-themed bedroom with blue decor and wood accents | NONAGON.style
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Home Fragrance Pairing


If floral patterns, roll arm sofas, large mantelpieces in rich wood, and walls painted in creams and taupe rule your space, it’s clear that you favor a traditional style.

Home Fragrance Pairing: Traditional country house bedroom with floral accents and woven basket weave chair | NONAGON.style
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Accentuate this classic look with the scent of aromatic florals. Lily, lavender and rose all work perfectly with traditional interiors. These home fragrances are especially great for a cozy bedroom, with lavender in particular known for its relaxing qualities.


Bold lines, graphic shapes and geometric prints make a room punchy and energizing, which means you’ll need a home fragrance that will hold its own.

Home Fragrance Pairing: Bold and graphic living room vignette with abstract white lamp and pink accents | NONAGON.style
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For a space that’s fun and bold, choose bright and fruity scents with notes of acidity. We really love grapefruit and guava for graphic interiors. Both fragrances are energizing and will make you feel bright and alert, just like a graphic-themed aesthetic.


Raw woods, exposed brick and unpolished metal needs something to reflect their cool and laid back vibe. Complement your industrial interiors perfectly with woody scents such as cypress, white cedar and pine.

Home Fragrance Pairing: Bright industrial open plan kitchen and dining area with exposed brick and wood floors | NONAGON.style
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While industrial spaces can sometimes feel a little stark, warm wood fragrances, with the addition of orange blossom or gardenia, can help make a room feel warmer. It’s a nice way to add a sense of coziness to a typically minimalist space.


Sleek and minimal embodies the contemporary style to a tee. When your interiors are fuss-free and simple, the last thing you want to do is add a fussy and old fashioned fragrance.

Home Fragrance Pairing: Sleek contemporary dining room with wood floors and greenery | NONAGON.style
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Instead, go for something that’s light and airy. Stick to cool scents with notes of greenery and citrus over anything sweet or overly floral. Pro tip: fresh scents are perfect for a contemporary bathroom! Try a simple reed diffuser to complement the contemporary aesthetic.

What’s your favorite home fragrance scent?


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