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Dream Duplex in Kiev Makes Downtime Easy

Dream Duplex in Kiev Makes Downtime Easy

Simple colors are a neutral background for this duplex design

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on June 27th 2016
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This beautiful home in Kiev, Ukraine is the dream home for a young couple and their beautiful baby Emily. Like most young couples, they like to socialize and host friends and family. So while they were looking for their perfect home, one major requirement was to have separate areas for sleeping and entertainment. They found the perfect fit in this duplex apartment.

Bright and cozy share area in a Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

Finding the perfect space was just the beginning of their journey. The house needed to be transformed to fit its new owners’ tastes and requirements. Designers at the FORM Architectural Bureau were asked to do a complete renovation of the house. A lot of new elements were introduced and the result is stunning.


The homeowners had one main request for the designers, which was to create a non-contemporary home that was bright and cozy. They wanted to stay away from the trends, to give their home a timeless look. To comply with these requests, the overall tone of the house was kept neutral. All walls and ceilings were painted a plain white and most of the furniture is gray. This helped in creating a cozy look.

Marble flooring in the dining room - Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

The flooring is mostly plain timber with only the kitchen area with tiles, and dining area on marble. It creates a soothing effect complementary to the furnishings and the color palette.


The living room is the heart of the house. Some interesting features in this room include the wall with the television. The pebbled look was created by gluing the stones onto the wall over a period of three weeks. This really shows how dedicated the team was in creating the perfect look.

Modern Kiev apartment but minimal | NONAGON.style

The original fireplace was out of order, so a new bio fireplace was installed, which is befitting to the new setup. However, the feel of the wood fireplace was preserved with the logged wall panel. It makes that corner look like a cabin in the woods.


Almost all furnishings were sourced locally, except for a few lighting fixtures that were imported from Bali, and the chairs in the dining area were imported from Italy.

Stairs in the Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

The duplex apartment served the owners’ needs to separate the sleeping area from the living and entertaining parts of the home. The upstairs area has three bedrooms and the ground floor is the common area for the family.


With the stairs, the idea was to keep them light and airy. A metal frame was welded and wooden stairs were installed on top of it. They were painted white and aged a little to give a rustic look.

Living room meets dining room in the Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

The area near the stairs that divides the living area and the kitchen was raised a little to create a visual partition among the room. The height of the room was enough for that podium to be functional and not become a hindrance while crossing over.


After removing a plasterboard from the ceiling, beautiful inter-floor concrete covering was exposed. The designers decided to keep it as a memoir of the old design but painted it white to merge with the rest of the home.

Open planned kitchen with the Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

In the kitchen, a mirror was installed on one side to make it look bigger and as you can see, a wall is painted with chalkboard black to make it a fun and interactive space for the family. The counter-top and the worktop of kitchen island is made of faux stone which was also sourced locally. It looks beautiful and brightens up the space.

Chill in peace | NONAGON.style

The house had loggias on both levels. These areas have been converted into stellar and functional spaces. On the lower level, the loggia was divided into two parts. One part was converted into a casual area to enjoy tea or hookah with friends, while the other part was converted into a kids play area.

Hammock for some peace in Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

On the upper level one loggia has a hammock installed to relax and enjoy some quiet time, while the other was converted into an open dressing room.

Wooden boards on the wall in Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

As the stairs lead to the upper level, it opens into a lobby with doors following into the bedrooms. The wall finishing of the lobby uses wooden boards that were aged artificially and then painted white. It has such a nice visual impact.


Lighting was a major part of the project. Every fixture has been thoughtfully added to the rooms, accentuating the setting and highlighting the best features of the house. It also makes everything feel lighter and more relaxed.

Calm bedroom with lighting from the ceiling in Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

The bedrooms are simple and calm. The bedding looks so comfortable; just what you need for a good night’s sleep.

Simple and mono bedroom - Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style
Minimal children bedroom in Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

Baby Emily’s room is adorable. Even if it is all white, some elements like the cloud shaped pillow and animal toys makes it a fun room for kids.


The toy rack is cute with bold letters on top that are lighting fixtures. The minimal simplicity and style of this corner is brilliant.

Stunning bathroom meets kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

The designers wanted to make stunning bathrooms, and they did. One of them has a dark interior, which looks completely opposite to the rest of the setting. This contrast is what makes it so interesting.

Another bathroom on the lower level is all white and has some stunning features like the use of a hanging tree branch to hang towels on. I like this idea, and I think it should be an easy DIY.

Peace of mind in the bedroom in Kiev apartment | NONAGON.style

The overall design has been implemented keeping in mind the requirements of the homeowners and giving them peace of mind. Our sources at FORM say that the owners loved their new home and are enjoying every bit of it; especially the living room where they spend most of their time at home.


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