Stunning and Sustainable Home in San Diego |
Stunning and Sustainable Home in San Diego

Stunning and Sustainable Home in San Diego

Stacked on a slope but with open views and teak cabinetry

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on September 21st 2016
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Clea House


Far away from the maddening crowds, this beautiful home is located in the very famous Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego. The area is known for its lush green surroundings, tight knit community and a history of brilliant architecture. Keeping up with the architectural splendor of the neighborhood and the desire to create a home that is both upscale and sustainable, the designers created this remarkable single level residence that seems to float over a rocky slope.

Exterior with cantilevered home in San Diego |

This not-so-traditional piece of land needed a thoughtful design which was delivered by a cantilever structure that is supported by columns. It leaves the surroundings and the rocky terrain almost undisturbed, as the house blends into the landscape. This home is also LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, which means it is an eco-friendly and sustainable house. The various environmentally responsible features include solar panels, drought tolerant landscape, water efficient fixtures and high efficiency LED lighting, among others. This reduces the environmental impact and the owners also enjoy an almost non-existent electricity bill. That’s like music to my ears!

San Diego Mission Hills home with green frame |

The entrance to the house is this bright green door, which suits this mid century modern inspired home pretty well. Even though the main residential area is a single level structure, the block that leads up to that from the road is an interesting journey to the top. The entrance leads to the lift lobby, which is quite convenient considering the main level is two floors up from the ground. Near the lift and staircase area on every level is a bonus room with attached fully functional bathrooms. These rooms are intended to be used as a home office, private gym, music room or additional guest rooms; as per the needs of the owners.

Open plan garden to kitchen |

On the main level, you are welcomed into a gorgeous open plan setting that includes  the kitchen, living and dining room. The unique design and the stunning landscape around allows all parts of the house to have splendid views of the lush green outdoors. This main part of the house opens into a backside patio that is nestled into the hillside. This home has a very charming off-the-grid kind of ambiance. I feel relaxed just looking at these pictures and the amazing views outside.

Open plan kitchen with hanging lamps |
Kitchen with hanging lamps |

Teak cabinetry in the living area and the kitchen are a nod to the mid century style. The minimal aesthetics and clean lines add modern simplicity to the house. I love how the cabinetry beautifully hides all the appliances in the kitchen, adding on to the neat clutter-free look.


The Carrara marble-top of the kitchen island has a luxe finish and it looks stunning against the woodwork. It also is a nice center piece in the room that separates as well as bridges the the two segments of the room.

Living room with perspex chandelier |
View from outside into open plan kitchen and living room |
This San Diego house is LEED certified |
Cozy living room with blue sofa and fireplace |

The metal fireplace in this entertainment area was custom designed. The furniture and the overall color scheme are all mid century modern inspired with a slightly modern touch. I love how the carpet blends into the white floors. Minimal use of accessories helps keep things simple and clutter free. Wide panoramic views on one side and a gorgeous patio on the other, this home has fully embraced its outdoors.

Living room with blue velveteen living room |
Mid-century living room with fireplace and low slung chairs |
Living room with long wall and fireplace |
Indoor to outdoor flow between home office |
Painting studio and home office with warm tones and tall window |

This room is one of the bonus rooms in the house, which is being used as a home office. I love how it also continues the mid century look with sleek furnishing and pops of color. It also makes for a fun workplace with gorgeous views of the hillside. Even though it is on the main level, it still maintains its individual nature which is ideal for a work space at home.

Eco-friendly home with tall to floor ceilings |
Low slung furniture in mid-century modern style |

This family room is simple with a 50s throwback feel to it. I also love how the main focus of the room is the book collection and art, with no television in sight. This makes it a perfect space for the family to gather and spend some quality time together. The neatly stacked bookcase is an invitation to pick something up to read in the comfy looking chairs.


This area leads to the bedrooms which are all en-suite and have gorgeous views of outside.

Planter in the middle of open plan living area |

The master suite enjoys a luxurious bed and a TV for some late night binge watching. The seating by the window is so unique and trendy looking. It also matches with the pattern on the blanket. This room looks like a perfect spot to relax and unwind.

Bedroom with contemporary feel |

The same teak cabinetry from the living area continues in here as closets. It creates a sense of connection between various parts of the house. I also like the pattern on the walls. It is a nice subtle change from the plain white ones.

This kids room even though smaller in size has the same aesthetics as the rest of the house. It has a similar patterned wall as in the master suite. These small features make a huge difference in the overall design aesthetics of the house.

LEED certified eco friendly home in Mission Hills |
Bathroom with big wide shower and glass doors |

The bathrooms are generously sized and bathtubs have been purposely avoided. Instead, showers are installed with a spa-like ambiance and warm earthy tones. This one with the master suite has a 10 feet wide shower space with his and hers space. The skylight in this bathroom is a nice feature to add light and aid ventilation in the otherwise closed space. The bathrooms are also fitted with motion sensor lights, for convenient midnight visits.

Bathroom with big wide shower and glass doors |
Open plan kitchen and living room |
Kitchen with open plan layout |
Open plan home with flow between indoors and outdoors |
Indoor and outdoor flow between areas in Clea House |
Outdoor fire pit in sustainable San Diego home |
Outdoor area shows flow between indoors and outdoors |
Outdoor area is part of Clea House, an eco-friendly home |

Stairs from the backside patio lead to a rooftop deck which looks like a wonderful place to soak in some sun or hold a massive gathering with friends and family. I can almost imagine the owners throwing a barbecue party here on a gorgeous sunny day. Multiple seating arrangements have been installed, including a hammock and sun umbrellas for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Photo-voltaic panels |

As already mentioned, the home has been designed to be energy efficient, which includes these 25 discreet solar panels. They are neatly integrated into the rooftop deck design, in a segment separated using railings.


There is also a rooftop garden over the garage shed which blends in with the surrounding landscape.

Eco-friendly home with garden area |
Mission Hills home is eco-friendly |

This eco-friendly home does not compromise with aesthetics in any way. It is as beautiful as it is sustainable, which breaks the myth of green homes not being modern or elegant. The ingenious design allows a more open living that makes the house stand out, while blending in with its surroundings. It sure gets the best of both worlds.


Nakhshab Development and Design, under the leadership of Soheil Nakhshab, has built many LEED certified gorgeous homes. Their philosophy puts environmental sustainability at the forefront of design and delivers highly efficient homes that are just as stunning.


As green homes slowly move from preference to requirement, it is worth considering for your next home project.


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