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A Tranquil Rest in Taiwanese Countryside Home

A Tranquil Rest in Taiwanese Countryside Home

Quiet House encourages relaxation

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on December 20th 2016
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Quiet House


Wondered how a Taiwanese countryside home might look?


Leading a busy and stressful life, like most of us, the owners of this apartment were hoping to create an oasis of relaxation for their time spent away from work. A place where they could disconnect. With just this one requirement, they allowed the designers to interpret their vision into a luxurious space that is peaceful, functional and encourages a connection with the gorgeous green views outside.

Hallway featuring light wooden ceiling with planters |
Black kitchen with marble countertops |

The designers wanted to bring out the raw beauty in the architectural form of this building and incorporate those details into the overall interior decor. This included the rugged cement clad walls and iron frames. Taking inspiration from these elements the interiors of this home were designed to look like an upscale industrial loft apartment.

Hallway with industrial style spotlights and artwork |
Living room looks out over balcony views |

The apartment has varied levels of natural light seeping in. Some of the deeper corners have no direct sunlight, but this works well with the industrial design aesthetic in the home. You can see a lot of pendant lamps hanging from the ceilings illuminating these dark areas. These dim corners also help steer the focus to the scenery outside.

Concrete walls with industrial style lighting |

All the walls and ceilings in the apartment are finished in a plain cement surface, with the floors in a similar pale tone. The focus is clearly not on embellishment but on the functionality of the space. It captures the essence of a relaxed home that people love to spend their time in.


A dark palette dominates the soft furnishings, with most of the furniture in dark gray, black and wood tones. The purple floor length curtains help create a visual contrast and shake things up by bringing more colors to the decor. Carefully selected lighting and furniture pieces make the industrial design in this room pleasant and authentic.

Purple curtains soften the industrial look of this living room |
Industrial living room softened with purple curtains |
Contemporary living room with industrial feel, concrete walls and marble coffee tables |
Living room with marble round coffee tables and wooden walls |
Glass walls frame this tranquil home office |

Adjacent to the living room is a home office. Even though the home owners intend to detach from the world of work while at home, it is important to have a dedicated space for those unfinished tasks, or where they can catch up on those emails over the weekend.


The decor in here is similar to the rest of the home, what makes it special is the large floor to ceiling windows.

Home office with hanging lighting and marble desk |
Home office with glass walls and drop lighting |
Home office room has outside views with cowhide rug |

I would never be able to get any work done in this room, and would probably just spend hours gazing at the views!


The large glass partitions segment the rooms without obstructing the outside scenery. They also let the light into the living room, which could otherwise look dark and dingy.

Living room with coffee table and purple curtains |
Round mirror in black and white bathroom |

The monochrome bathroom is minimal in design with clean lines and modern decor. The staircase is also designed to be unpretentious, focusing mainly on the architectural form of the building.

Apartment Stairwell |
Tranquil house, featuring a black bed and warm tone vanity table |

The bedrooms emulate the same design aesthetics and display a continuity in color palette from the living area. It sure looks like the perfect place to unwind and relax. The conscious decision to avoid any extra decor has brought out a Zen-like mood in this space.

Bedroom has a hanging bowl chair with outside views |

Similar to the living area, glass walls in the master bedroom frame the views outside. They add to the serenity of the space and enhance the relaxed spirit of this home. It would be such a delight to wake up to such lush green views! The hanging chair is placed perfectly to help the home owners immerse themselves in the panoramic and picturesque scene.

Taiwan apartment with hanging chair in the bedroom |
Hanging chair lets you take it easy, encouraging you to sit back and watch the world go by |
Hanging chair looks our over a balcony |

The home owners are more than pleased with the final results; their vision for a tranquil space has come to life. It shows how simple designs and humble interiors can be just as expressive as a luxurious mansion.

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