Staying Connected to Their Roots |
Staying Connected to Their Roots

Staying Connected to Their Roots

Roof terrace home allows family to garden and enjoy the outdoors

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on December 4th 2016
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Terraces Home


Nguyen Tien Thanh

If you live in a city, chances are that there aren’t many green patches around your house or apartment building. The way our urban dwellings are designed, we sometimes don’t even notice the lack of trees and plants. But every problem dealt with creatively can lead to some interesting results. The designers and architects in Vietnam seem to have found the perfect solution to this lack of greenery in the cities with this home’s roof garden.


The owners of this gorgeous terraced home insisted on having some sort of greenery, even though the overall area wasn’t big enough to have a garden. Even a small terrace garden and some potted plants would have made them happy. But the designers came up with this design that combines the architecture of the house with the spectacular terraced rice fields of the Vietnamese countryside. This concept called agritecture has been beautifully executed in this home, so let’s have a closer look.

Exterior of rooftop terrace in Vietnam |
Exterior for H&P Architects roof terrace home |
Roof terrace and garden in Vietnam |

This home is located in Ha Tinh City, which is located in the central part of Vietnam. It might not be as busy or congested as Ho Chi Minh City, but urban development seems to be taking the locals away from their natural surroundings. However, moving out of their comfort zone for work and a better lifestyle did not stop the owners of this home from getting the best of both worlds. They can still enjoy some home grown vegetables in the comfort of their city house.

Roof terraces in Vietnamese family home |
Exterior for H&P Architects roof terrace home |
Exterior of a Vietnamese home with a series of terrace levels |

Designers from H&P Architects explain that it is important for city dwellers to stay connected with nature. The joy of growing some flowers and vegetables at home can be rewarding in many ways. It can be a great stress reliever, and sharing the produce with friends and neighbors can help them engage in the community, and feel more connected to their surroundings.

Indoor foyer area in Vietnamese home |

This multi-generation home was also designed to accommodate the needs of all its inhabitants. The owners have two young kids and their parents also live in the same house. This meant that the needs of all of them needed to be considered while designing this house. An open front yard that can be used as a parking space also doubles up as the playground.

Family courtyard |

The house was also designed to have an inside-out feel. This idea has been implemented at all levels. An open living area connects the front yard to the main level. This giant room is perfect for a large family gathering. Minimal furnishings allow the owners to enjoy open plan living with some gorgeous views of their terraced garden from every corner of the house.

Family home and living room with roof terrace |
Stairway inside the terrace housing |

The terraces have been designed to provide natural light inside the house, but they also aid privacy. Concrete trays hold the plants and the wide glass windows along the slope provides a visual connection to the garden from inside the house.

Rooftop terraces home with outside steps, shown on the inside |
Rooftop terrace with different levels |

A spiraling staircase connects all the levels and every floor is unique in its design and purpose. I love the clean lines and horizontal structure of the rooms. The terraces define the indoors of this home as well, and while they add a lot of greenery to the house, they also give an interesting structure to the rooms.

Indoor living area with wooden floor |
Indoors in a rooftop terrace house |
Inside the terrace housing |
Bedroom in contemporary Vietnamese home |

The overall focus of the house is on the connection of indoors to the terraced garden, and the owners are very pleased with the results. The interiors are in line with the humble rural decor that focuses on the minimal furnishings. With a gorgeous terraced garden like this, who would want to spend too much time inside anyways!

Gardening over terraces rooftop |

While this idea might not be so easy to replicate in every urban home, we sure can take some inspiration and help in adding some greenery to our neighborhoods.


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