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on July 1st 2018
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Our imagination sparks innovation. It is something which has been true since time began. As humankind progresses, we get to see the blossoming of new technologies, innovations, engineering, and design. Architecture, and in particular residential homes, have not fallen short when it comes to futuristic design. We’ve come a long way since man made the cave his home.


Here are a few homes of the future which will capture your imagination.

3D Printed Homes

Project Milestone is a shared project with Eindhoven University and construction company Van Wijnen |
Project Milestone | Van Wijnen

Perhaps the most futuristic home is a 3D printed house. Using a 3D printer allows architects and construction companies to customize layouts. They can even work with different types of materials, or even build a home in as little as 24 hours.


In the Dutch city of Eindhoven, five 3D-printed houses will go on the rental market next year, thanks to Project Milestone. Construction company Van Wijnen in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology developed a huge robotic arm with a nozzle that squirts out a specially formulated cement. It prints out the cement according to design, adding layer on layer so that the building gets stronger.


This future home design revolutionizes the way in which houses will be constructed. Other 3D printed projects use different materials, shapes and demonstrating that 3D printing could really have a dramatic affect on our landscape. Traditionally, homes have studs and a variety of materials. However, with the 3D printed house, the entire shell of the house is constructed from one material. Of course, interior design elements, plumbing, and electrical requirements will need to be integrated into the design, but it is nice to think that houses and design concepts which might otherwise pose a substantial cost and design nightmare may all become possible.

3D printed cabin in Amsterdam |
3D Printed Cabin | DUS

Modular Pod Homes

ALPOD modular housing unit |

Pods are all inclusive modular units like this one from James Law Cybertecture. Alpod is an example of a new kind of mobile housing design. From the outside, it looks similar to a Bluetooth stereo box. Shiny metal, round corners, as well as LED lighting and sliding panels give a future feel to the design. It is a study in simplicity, as the building has a singular story galley style layout. Natural air is provided through the side vents of the building, and natural lighting is acquired through the skylight and sliding doors.


Having modular units or pre-fabricated homes make it easier to construct elsewhere, and bring parts together to a location. The process makes it faster to put housing together, and usually cheaper as a company can reduce costs by manufacturing in bulk.

California Roll House

California Roll House |
California Roll House | Violent Volumes

Christopher Daniel from Violent Volumes designed the California Roll house to combat the climates of desert areas.  As the name suggests, the temperature of California was specific to the design. Additionally, playing on the words the design mimics that of a sushi roll, meaning that the substance of the building is contained in an enclosed “center” and the design unfolds in a wrap-like manner. Living space in this future home is a multi-level layout with large panels of glass around the outside.

Zero Houses

ZeroHouse from Specht Architects |
ZerHouse | Specht Architects

There are some projects that aim to work entirely off the grid. Designed to maximize customization while at the same time providing a cost efficient means of design, the ZeroHouse is one such example. The concept is much like building with Lego blocks, as the parts of the house are prefabricated and shipped to be assembled. Stack them, intertwine the parts, build up or out, it does not matter. What makes the building even more unique is that the ZeroHouse creates its own power, processes its own waste, stores rainwater, and in general requires zero dependence on the grid.

Geodesic Dome Houses

Geodesic dome design is solar powered home for the Heart Followers |
Solar Dome in Norway

With the focus on sustainable energy and quick construction as the core, the geodesic dome provides a future home design which answers both issues. The domes can be constructed in a matter of weeks, not months, depending on the location.


The concept of the geodesic design has made its way into modern and futuristic home design. From an energy standpoint, geodesic domes can be self-sustaining, hold up to high winds and inclement weather better, and (because they are usually partially if not completely underground) can heat and cool themselves. Check out this home tour in Norway where a family turned their solar dome into a loving home.

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