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These Jaw-Dropping Homes with a View Will Take Your Breath Away

These Jaw-Dropping Homes with a View Will Take Your Breath Away

The ultimate collection of homes with beautiful views

Written by –
Jess Ng
on September 11th 2018
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Whether it’s a ten bedroom mansion or a tiny studio loft, if a home is lucky enough to look out onto a jaw-dropping view, it instantly has the wow factor in my book. For me, homes with beautiful views are the pinnacle of luxury. From dramatic bustling cityscapes to magnificent ocean blues, there’s just something about a scenic backdrop which fuels the imagination. It’s like having a living, breathing work of art right on your doorstep – and we all know what a difference a good piece of art can make to a home.


With this in mind, I’m rounding up my ultimate favorite homes with a view – as featured on Prepare for a case of major wanderlust-inducing house envy ahead!

Homes with Beautiful Views

Benguela Cove

Design: SAOTA and ARRCC

Location: Benguela Cove, South Africa


Homes with Beautiful Views: Contemporary waterfront holiday home with outdoor balcony terrace overlooking the Bot Lagoon in South Africa |
image source

Perched high overlooking the Bot River Lagoon, Benguela Cove boasts breathtaking views of the rugged South African coastline. Think dramatic mountain views paired with blue waters and unspoiled vegetation – perfect for a back-to-nature holiday retreat!

Homes with Beautiful Views: Contemporary minimalist bedroom of a waterfront South African holiday home overlooking the Bot Lagoon |
image source

Architecturally, Benguela Cove really makes the most of its stunning waterfront location with a design which celebrates the beauty of its surroundings. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows wrap around the home, framing a seamless flow of indoor-outdoor living spaces. Whether inside or out, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the surrounding scenery in this house with a view.


See more of the Benguela Cove home tour HERE.

Green Apartment

Design: Special Project Venediktov

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Homes with Beautiful Views: Contemporary city apartment overlooking Kiev |
image source

From tranquil lagoon waters to the big city, the Green Apartment sits pretty on the 30th floor of one of Kiev’s tallest buildings. Look away now if you’re scared of heights!

Homes with Beautiful Views: Colorful bedroom in city apartment with sunset views of Kiev |
image source

Once again, big steel-framed windows are a must for showing off that impressive cityscape. I love the use of glass partitions inside the apartment, allowing the view to penetrate deep into the home without resorting to an open plan layout. All the better to take in those sunset hues.


Head HERE to see more of the Green Apartment.


Designer: Matra Architects

Location: Nanital, India

Homes with Beautiful Views: Wood-clad cabin home set in the shadows of the North Himalayan mountains |
image source

If majestic mountain views are your thing, you need to hotfoot it over to the Woodhouse ASAP. Set in the shadow of the northern Himalayas, it’s probably as other-wordly as you’re going to get while remaining earthbound.

Homes with Beautiful Views: Window view of the Northern Himalayas from the Woodhouse |
image source

The iconic peaked panorama lends a sense of dream-filled escapism to this house with a view. The wood-clad structure and mismatching furniture makes the place feel like a vintage tree-house. Wraparound floor level glazing serves to up the magic, making it feel as though the whole house is floating on a cloud.


See the full Woodhouse home tour HERE.

Ocean Eye

Design: Studio Saxe

Location: Costa Rica

Homes with Beautiful Views: Minimalist contemporary beach home with views of the Pacific Ocean |
image source

Tropical vibes abound in this mesmerizing Costa Rica home. With a rain forest at the back and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean out front, Ocean Eye embodies the best of both worlds.

Homes with Beautiful Views: Stunning minimalist beachfront home in Costa Rica overlooking the Pacific Ocean |
image source

A distinct lack of exterior walls leaves this house with a view completely exposed to the elements of nature. Meanwhile, a minimalist approach to furnishings inside works to maximize the impact of that dazzling exterior panorama, taking homes with beautiful views to a whole other level.


Discover more of Ocean Eye HERE.


Design: Hjertefølger Family and Solardome

Location: Sandhornoya Island, Norway

Homes with Beautiful Views: Glass solar dome home set under the celestial glow of the Northern Lights |
image source

Under the celestial glow of the Northern Lights, the Naturhuset is a home with a view, and then some. The house itself is made from an eco-friendly mixture of clay, water and straw, but the surrounding glass solar dome provides the ultimate window through which to gaze out at the stars.

Homes with Beautiful Views: Eco-friendly glass solar dome home in Norway |
image source

Taking its cue from the traditional igloo form, this home boasts 360 views of one of the most enchanting natural phenomenons on earth. Paired with the snow-capped peaks and deep icy fjords, this might possibly be the most impressive house with a view on the list.


Head HERE to see the full tour of the Naturhuset.

What do you think of our collection of homes with beautiful views? Are there any others you’d like to see added to the list?


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