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Here’s How to Choose the Right Dog Bed for Your Pup

Here’s How to Choose the Right Dog Bed for Your Pup

Dog beds that are as comfy as caninely possible

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Cissy Wang
on April 30th 2019
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Did you know that dogs spend more than half of their lives sleeping? If you really want to pamper your beloved pooch, then a comfortable dog bed is the obvious way to go. But how do you choose the best one?


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How to Choose the Right Dog Bed

Finding the right bed for your canine friend is harder than it looks. The process requires taking several essential factors into account, including material, size, your dog’s sleeping style, their age, and so forth.

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When it comes to dog beds, fluffy pillow-like options may seem like the ultimate cozy spot for your pup to curl up and hunker down for a snooze. However, whilst these are without doubt the most common style on the market, they are not built to last. This is especially the case if your dog has a habit of chewing their bedding.


With this in mind, it’s best to search for a chew-proof dog bed. Memory-foam options with waterproof, double cased coverings are a good alternative, providing comfort and durability. Otherwise, for younger pups who need less orthopedic support, elevated beds sans stuffing are ideal.

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On that note, it’s worth noting that many fluffy dog beds are also difficult to clean. In fact, soft fabrics such as cedar chip are completely unwashable, whilst others still will take a long time to dry.


To avoid this dilemma, make sure your dog bed is upholstered with a machine-washable, waterproof and allergy-free material. Cotton, flannel and micro-fiber would be our go-to options here. Also make sure your chosen dog bed allows for the removal of cushions for cleaning. Removable covers will greatly minimize washing time!

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The size of your dog bed is also an essential issue to consider. Remember to measure your pup before you buy so you can ensure your dog bed is a perfect fit.


Additionally, keep an eye on your pooch’s sleeping preferences. If your dog tends to stretch out a lot, we highly recommend a round padded bed, with soft edges for flexibility. For those pups who are prone to cradle and nest when sleeping, you can afford to opt for something with more rigid sides.

Our Favorite Dog Bed Styles

With these considerations in mind, here is our ultimate break down of the best dog bed styles on the market right now. From elevated hammocks to orthopedic mats, these styles are as beautiful as they are practical.

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Elevated Hammock Beds

Elevated hammock beds are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. The elevated design allows for air to circulate underneath, offering a comfortable surface for your canine to cool down during hot summer days. In addition, their lack of stuffing make them a durable option for chew-prone pups.


We love this offering from Miacara, which features raised side panels to give your pup an additional sense of security.

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Round Padded Bed

As mentioned earlier, round padded beds allow for flexibility. That being said, look for a version which offers some structure in order to provide firm spine support for your pup.


This option by Chewy, for instance, includes side bolsters made of poly-cotton twill. With a sherpa-topped center and a waterproof 300/6000 denier base, it offers the ideal balance of cozy and functionality.

Dog Bed Guide: Anti slip washable blue crate pad by Hero Dog |
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Orthopedic Mat Beds

For older dogs with arthritis, you might want to search for an orthopedic mat dog bed which offers additional structural support.


The orthopedic Crate Pad by Dog Hero, for instance, comes with an anti-slip surface that is perfect for dogs with joint problems, balance issues or even arthritis. This feature helps to ease joint pressure, and prevents dogs from sliding around on the floor when trying to get on top of it.

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