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This is How to Create the Ultimate Productive Workspace

This is How to Create the Ultimate Productive Workspace

Introducing Your One Way Ticket to Maximum Productivity

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on January 25th 2018
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Working Environment

Did you know that the environment in which you work actually has a huge impact on your productivity levels?


It’s true – numerous scientific studies have found that the overall physical environment impacts employee performance, engagement and innovation; and, well, if science says it’s true, then it’s probably worth taking at least a couple of minutes to look into. Cue Elaine Tsung, Founder of Garage Society. We figured if anyone could enlighten us about workspace productivity, it would be Elaine, the mastermind behind a series of co-working office hubs located throughout Asia. Check out the video above to get her top tips and tricks for creating the ultimate productive workspace.

What are your top tips for a productive workspace? Share with us in the comments below!


For more office inspiration take a look at our exclusive tour of Garage Collective, Garage Society’s industrial cool Sai Ying Pun location.

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