How to Create a Kid-Friendly Living Room |
How to Create Space for Your Kids in the Living Room

How to Create Space for Your Kids in the Living Room

Easy tips to keep the living room kid-friendly

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Vanessa Louie
on February 27th 2018
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Got kids running around the house? How do you keep them safe and keep your home safe from mischief too? On the one hand it’s important to keep kitchen cupboards and ovens safe from curious little hands, but also kids should feel comfortable expressing their playfulness and creativity around the house. While some houses are large enough to accommodate a separate playroom for kids, living rooms can also be made kid-friendly with just a few simple changes.


Here, are five easy adjustments that create a kid-friendly space in the living room, without compromising on style.

Play with Prints and Patterns

Bold prints and colors offer a fun visual feast that can encourage imagination and play.

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The bold reds make lovely accents in the living room, whether in paintings or cushion covers. It’s worth investing in a sturdy patterned area rug as well, where kids can solve puzzles, read books, and watch movies with the rest of the family.

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Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile by adding patterned floor cushions and fluffy bean bags. Various levels of furniture make the space feel laid-back and encourage mommies and daddies to join the fun at playtime.

Add a Tiny Teepee

Because why not! Didn’t you always want your own teepee?

Creating a cozy living room spot for the kids |
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Kids enjoy building blanket forts and imagining creative scenarios. Whether they’re playing shop or home, teepees are a popular choice. Teepees also help kids understand what it means to have their own space, or how to collaborate with their siblings. Plus, they’re super cute to have around the house.

Create a Cozy Corner

Whether for homework, leisure reading, or artistic endeavors, giving kids their own cozy corner gives them a chance to have fun while learning.

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Adding a low round table with floor cushions doesn’t just make the corner functional, they’re visually pleasing too. It also offers them a tech-free alternative to sitting on the couch watching television all day.

Hang a Hammock

If the living room walls permit it, a soft hammock can transform the living room into a relaxing haven.

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Kids love being able to stretch and climb around the house, so a hammock makes a great addition to the living room. The trick is to keep the hammock close to the ground to avoid the risk of children falling off the hammock.

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Adding a swing is also an option, but only if your kids are old enough to know how to fall properly. Again, you’ll want to determine how strong the ceiling is, and keep the swing low.

Make Room for Toys

If you find yourself picking up toys scattered around the house on a regular basis, you might want to invest in toy storage compartments in the living room.

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Keeping their toys accessible means that they’ll be carrying less toys from their bedrooms and possibly forgetting to return them afterwards. With storage space for them in the living room, they won’t have the excuse of not tidying up after playing.

Do you have other tips to share about keeping your living room kid-friendly? Tell us all about them in the comments below.


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