How to Decorate a Rental so You Don’t Lose the Deposit |
How to Decorate a Rental so You Don’t Lose the Deposit

How to Decorate a Rental so You Don’t Lose the Deposit

Try these tips for wall-free damage and designer beauty

Written by –
Claire Ng
on May 27th 2018
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A home is more than a mere shelter. It is a haven which reflects upon its residents. Anybody who has ever been a tenant knows the challenges of setting up a home, especially under the scrutiny of a fussy landlord. So how do you decorate a rental without losing your deposit and compromising on your personal style? Check out these tips.

Over the door hanger | Deco ideas that won't lose your deposit on the rental |

Over-the-Door Hangers

Doors are often overlooked, but useful spots. Instead of getting a coat hanger or a rack, try using an over-the-door hanger. You can hang clothes, hats and bags without giving up floor area; a premium in many big cities.


Browse for over-the-door hangers. (External Link)

Door Hangers - Decor ideas that won't lose your deposit on the rental |

Hanging Strips

Putting up pictures and posters on the wall is always a great way to add your own taste to your rental. But nails create unsightly holes in the wall, and Blu Tack can leave behind residue marks.


Here’s where hanging strips and hangers come to the rescue! Available in various forms and sizes, these babies can withstand weights up to 5kg. I have personally used them to hang a large canvas picture. The strips can be easily removed without ripping off any paint. Plus, they don’t leave behind any residue.

Sticky Hangers - Decor ideas that won't lose your deposit on the rental |
image Claire Ng

Putting up the hangers and strips is super easy. First, clean the surface of the wall with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt which could reduce the strip’s ability to stick to the wall. Next, remove the liner on the side of the strip which is to be attached to the hanger. Once that’s been done, attach the strip onto the back of the hanger. Remove the liner on the other side of the strip and press it onto the wall for 30 seconds. Make sure you firmly press along the length of the hook to ensure the entire strip makes contact with the wall. Wait at least one hour before you hang your picture.


To remove the strip, grab the tab at the bottom and pull straight down. This part is crucial to ensuring the strip is removed cleanly. As you pull it down, it will slowly release from the wall.


Get yourself some hanging strips here! (External Link)

image Claire Ng

Shelf Inserts

When you can’t go wide, go up. Shelf inserts are great if you’ve got cabinets with a lot of space between shelves. No space is wasted, and items can be easily accessed without moving too many things around. Most inserts require little to no assembly.


Browse Amazon now for shelf inserts that work for your cupboards. (External Link)

Woman decorates white wall with washi tape |

Washi Tape

Washi tape isn’t just for bujos, gift-wrapping and scrapbooking. It can also be used to customize a feature wall with the designs of your dreams.

Washi tape art - Decor ideas that won't lose your deposit on the rental |

Available in an array of patterns and colors, washi tape provides endless creative possibilities. It is inexpensive, easy to apply and remove, and easily found at stationery and craft stores. What’s not to love about it!


Get creative with different washi tape colors! (External link)

Magnetic storage is great for deco ideas that won't lose your deposit on the rental |

Magnetic Containers

Magnetic containers are great for storing and organizing small items. They help declutter tables and drawers, giving your home a clean look. For the foodies and Master Chefs out there, containers are a fantastic way to create a spice rack. They can be neatly arranged on the refrigerator where they are accessible when you are cooking up a feast.


If you have a desk, I suggest getting a magnetic board and leaning it against the wall on your desk. You can use the containers to store small stationery items, such as paper clips, to create more working space.


Get yourself a set of magnetic organizers. (External Link)

Plants! Our decor ideas that won't lose your deposit on the rental |


Plants and flowers breathe life into the atmosphere at home, especially when you live in a concrete jungle. Apart from the health benefits, they provide a sense of calm found when surrounded by nature.

Plants and their pots - deco ideas that won't lose your deposit on the rental |

No balcony or patio, no problem! You can create your very own garden with pots from any plant shop. There are even ones with self-watering features out there.

If you’ve got a railing outside your window, you can hang a planter where your green children will have lots of exposure to sunlight and water.


Find yourself the perfect ceramic plant pots here. (External Link)

Looking for more decor ideas for your home? Take a look through our gallery to find the perfect inspiration for your pad.


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