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How to Decorate a Picture Perfect Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Picture Perfect Christmas Tree

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on December 1st 2016
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What are you looking for from the perfect Christmas tree?


Well, ultimately we want something that will look beautiful in the family photos, have a nice shape and structure to it and something that makes you smile when you come down in the morning and see it. I always enjoy decorating the Christmas tree, flitting over the years between the desire to build it up into something with lots to look at, to bringing it back down to earth with minimal aesthetics.


Whether you like your trees lavish and loud, or you’re more of a less is more decorator, here are some great pointers for decorating your own Christmas tree this holiday.

Choose a Cohesive Color Scheme

The perfect Christmas tree is the one that doesn’t stick out or look out of place! If you want it to feel perfect in your room, then decorate your tree so that it fits in with its surroundings. See what colors occur the most frequently in your room and choose ornaments to match. Alternatively you could use this time to swap over the cushion covers for a winter make over

In this coastal house the sand dollar ornaments are a nod to the name of this holiday home The Starfish Cottage, and go well with the textile furnishings of the living room. Striking red ribbons are repeated, gently, on the garlands on the stairwell, and a cushion or two dotted around. Overall it feels cohesive and well put together.

Keep Ornament Decorations Well-Balanced

As well as getting the room together, you want to make sure the tree decorations are well balanced among themselves.

In this perfect Christmas tree vignette from Love Grows Wild, they have picked simple cohesive decorations. The tree is full of texture and layers but doesn’t feel weighed down or overloaded. Twisting around from top to bottom is a subtle burlap ribbon, with colors mimicking the Christmas present wrapping, and to match there are also the bold white baubles, setting a color scheme. The pine cones give a natural touch to the whole look, softened with the plumes of cotton wool. Finally the bells add a bit of fa la la to the final look.

Plaid patterns and pictures of the family holidays adorn the tree from Simple As That. The ribbon garland spirals its way up the tree, with a good level of string lighting and fun ornaments.

What Goes Underneath?

While you may be thinking that the perfect Christmas tree starts at the top, take a moment to ground yourself. The trunk of the tree sets good groundwork. Will you use an ornamental stand? Tuck it in a bucket?

Oh my goodness it’s such a simple solution, but the Homey Oh My minimal Christmas tree uses a handsome basket to keep this tree upright. Perfect for balancing issues too, as you can put the tree in a stand and keep the base weighted down while you lavish the branches with ornamental fun.

A simple Christmas tree skirt is also an option, such as this one from A Beautiful Mess. Check out the easy DIY ideas for a no sew Christmas skirt that works well with this white and gold snowy Christmas tree.

I love this Neiman Marcus peacock skirt that would be great for a turquoise and gold themed palette. All are luxurious colors, with lovely embellishments that sparkle and glimmer – they work really well with the emerald green of the fir tree.

Go with the Gradient

Instead of the sporadic sprinkling of ornaments, construct a complete look by going with the gradient.

I’m loving the gradient tree in this DIY by Little Inspiration. It’s got a simple decoration scheme, with an ombre shading from top to bottom. If you don’t feel crafty enough to make your own, you could get one made by the Sterling Tree Company.

Keep it Simple

Once the decorations box comes out, you’ll find all that tinsel and baubles from years gone by, I’m sure. But why not save yourself the hassle and go for something plain and simple this time round.

image source

The light moves through this tree, not weighed down by excessive ornaments, but offering a pulled back look that matches the home interior style. No fuss means more time for fun.

Also another proponent of the basket skirt, The Merry Thought blog has decorated their Christmas tree in a completely minimalist style with tiny fairy lights draped through it suiting the room and its surroundings.

Simple and neutral, this rustic Christmas tree from Little Glass Jar features wood ornaments and a serene feel to it.

Think Outside the Triangle

There is no need to feel constrained by the typical ideas of what a Christmas tree should look like, or how it should be decorated. There are many modern, minimal, alternative ways you could decorate your tree.

Take for inspiration this hanging tree tower from Cox and Cox, which you can hang on your wall to save on space (and to save yourself from cleaning up pine needles).

The Jubiltree is crafted by hand and can be put up and taken down easily. You can display your Jubiltree whichever way you wish, stringing it with all the fairy lights and baubles your sleigh can bring home, or in this house they have gone for a simple garland to maximum effect.


Ornament Originality

If you want to make your tree perfect for you, think about what you really want to see on your tree. Maybe those baubles you found at Target don’t really do it for you. So make your own! You want to see unicorns and pom poms on your tree? Well you do you.

Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe has balanced her Christmas tree decorations with memories and traditions from her childhood, some personalized letters and new items for all the future Christmases yet to come.

These simple garlands by Ferm use geometric shapes giving the tree a light feeling.

How will you be decorating your tree this year? I hope these top tips will help you put together your perfect Christmas tree!


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