Interior Render of the Week: A Cosy Home Office in the Hallway
How to Make Room for a Home Office in the Hallway

How to Make Room for a Home Office in the Hallway

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on April 5th 2018
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.

When space is at a premium, dedicating one whole room to a home office might seem a tad too luxurious, but that doesn’t mean you should completely forgo creating a space for productivity.’s render of the week makes the case for maximizing hallway spaces by incorporating a snug study area or home office in the hallway.

Define the space with drapery

The hallway can be an awkward space at times, but with a little creativity, you can transform it into a room of your own.

3D Interior Render of the Week by - Hallway makes room for the home office |

In this image, the hallway takes you down to an alcove perfect for reading books and leisurely hangouts. The designer makes the most out of every space. From tall bookcases with plenty of storage units to a mid-century modern desk and chair set, it’s hard to say this hallway doesn’t have all that it needs to be a cozy home office space. Defined by the elegant floor-to-ceiling drapery, the intimate workspace sits comfortably by the windows despite the narrow layout of the hallway.

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