DIY 101: How to Create Pressed Flowers at Home |
DIY 101: How to Press Flowers at Home

DIY 101: How to Press Flowers at Home

It's easier than you think

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on May 11th 2017
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There are few things better in life than a fresh bouquet of flowers. Reminiscent of warm spring days, romance and beauty, a bunch of pretty blooms have the power to brighten up a dull day and put a smile on our faces (which, FYI, is not always the easiest of tasks). There is just one issue we have with fresh flowers – a proverbial thorn in the rose, if you will – and that is they never quite last as long as we want them to. The solution? Pressed flowers.


We’ll go as far as to say pressed flowers are the next best thing to fresh blooms. They capture a moment, keeping summer alive almost forever. Even better, they’re surprisingly easy to make at home. Read on for our simple step by step DIY. Blooming brilliant.


Pressed Flowers DIY: Rustic pretty pressed flowers in a glass frame |

What You Need

1. Flowers
2. Photo Frame
3. Heavy book
4. Greaseproof paper
5. Scissors
1. Tissues or absorbent paper
2. Tweezers


STEP 1 – Selecting Blooms
Pressed Flowers DIY: Pink and purple flowers to be used for creating pressed flowers |

Cut your flowers, leaves and petals for pressing. Think about the sizes and shapes that you want from the finished piece.

STEP 2 – Arrange
Pressed Flowers DIY: Arranging flowers for pressing |

Line pages of the heavy book with greaseproof paper. Place the flowers gently on the greaseproof paper, laid out in the desired shape and pattern. Make sure to flatten the flowers, petals and leaves. You can also put tissues, newspaper or blotting paper in between the greaseproof paper and the book to soak up any moisture.

STEP 3 – Press
Pressed Flowers DIY: Pressing flowers with a heavy object |

Close the book to press the flowers. Weigh it down with a heavy object and leave untouched for two to three weeks.

STEP 4 – Surprise!
Pressed Flowers DIY: Pressed flowers |

After the flowers have dried out, gently remove them from the paper. You may use tweezers if necessary.

STEP 5 – Frame
Glass framed pressed flowers |

Transfer the flowers and leaves to the photo frame and arrange them nicely. Secure the frame and you have your framed pressed flower art.

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