How to Redesign Your Garden Shed |
How to Redesign Your Garden Shed

How to Redesign Your Garden Shed

Written by –
Gracie Evans
on July 31st 2019
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A garden shed can be a storage room for your gardening supplies and tools. It can also be the place where you can laze the afternoon away or make it the main attraction to your backyard. So, forget about the basic sheds that you know and explore your imagination.

How to redesign your garden shed |

Decide the Style of Your Garden Shed

You can customize the shed to satisfy your specific interest — like a place where you can draw, write, compose, meditate, stargaze, or just enjoy personal space.


Also, consider the shed’s architectural elements such as landscape design. Positioning the shed in the right place is very essential. You can situate the shed where sunlight can flow through the windows or nestle it under the shade of a tree. The outside walls of the shed can support climbing plants.

Walls and Floors

The foundation of the shed needs to be as sturdy as possible in case you will need to store some heavy equipment. For your shed floor, go with something that are easy to clean since the floor is bound to get dirty most of the time. It should be robust, reliable, and comfortable as well.


Concrete can be a great foundation and floor for your shed. Just avoid painting your concrete floor as they tend to be slippery. You don’t want to get hurt.


Other shed floor options you can opt for are:

  • Wooden planks
  • Colorful vinyl tile
  • Terra-cotta pavers
  • Flagstone
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting

As for the shed wall, the materials must be sturdy. You can paint the walls with different colors. You can also mount a garden tool rack or a shelf for your collections and other home accessories. You can be as creative as you want.

How to redesign your garden shed |

Doors and Windows

Shed doors and windows add ventilation and light when installed properly. It can also accentuate the appearance of your shed. If you are retrofitting, make sure the design of your windows will not jeopardize the structure of your shed. Either way, it is important to put into consideration the consequences of installing in the wrong way—such as the safety and vulnerability of your valuables.

How to redesign your garden shed |


A shed can be a storage room for your gardening supplies and tools, but add a corner where you can rest and relax. You can decorate the interior of your shed with anything. From hanging plants, birdhouses, a weather vane; to mirrors, stained glass, cultural artifacts and vintage items, retro pottery, chandeliers, or a collection of special items and more!

How to redesign your garden shed |


In the morning, natural light can be your source of lighting. But, if the sun’s not out or in the evening, it is convenient to have another source of light in your shed, rather than having to rely on flashlights or lamps. And if you have combustible materials in your shed, flicking a matchstick is definitely not a good idea.

You don’t have to be too extravagant with this element of your shed. You can use something that’s economical or try do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas, but make sure it is safe to avoid incidents like fire.

How to redesign your garden shed |

Water Supply

You can connect to the mains to have a water supply in your shed—though it isn’t always necessary. On top of that, there’s additional cost and the hassle of plumbing. If you only need non-potable water, then you can install a water butt. Or you can attach a rain barrel to collect rainwater.

How to redesign your garden shed |

Surrounding Landscape Design

This part is where the real gardening takes place. There is no garden shed if there is no garden. Green thumb or no green thumb, more and more people are discovering the joys of gardening.


First things first, you must know what plants can survive the temperature or climate of your place. Some plants grow better when it’s hot and sunny, and some prefer moist and cool temperature. Plants are similar to people so each one of them has a specific set of needs.


For starters, go with something that you can easily grow. As you go along, you can take some experimentation to learn what’s best for a certain plant. You can also grow fruit-bearing plants when you’re ready.

How to redesign your garden shed |

Ultimately, your shed should be intended for your personal and private pleasure. It is a place where you can have the freedom to build, where you can feel secure, where you can contemplate and shelter from the quotidian events of life.

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