How to Create a Tablescape: Winter Edition |
Mastering the Winter Tablescape

Mastering the Winter Tablescape

Hint: Not all tablescapes need a floral centerpiece

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on November 24th 2017
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No longer the domain of weddings and formal banquets, the tablescape has risen the ranks to become an important – nay fundamental – component of any brunch and dinner with Pinterest-worthy aspirations. The table is, after all, the first thing your guests see before they sit down to eat, setting the tone for the whole evening. And with the advent of #foodporn, you can bet your table will be the most photographed aspect of your gathering (who needs another family shot anyway?).


With this in mind, we thought we’d take you through how to create the perfect tablescape. Christmas is just round the corner, so we’ve added a winter twist to ours – but really, our tips can just as easily apply to an Easter brunch or afternoon tea party. Read on for more.


Start With a Centerpiece

Think of the centerpiece as the principal lead of your tablescape. It’s likely to be the part of your table that will grab the most attention (at least until the food comes out), so you want to make sure it delivers a statement. Now is the time to let your creativity shine through.

How to Create a Tablescape: Minimalist DIY centerpiece with glass vase and fairylights |

For our centerpiece, we’ve fashioned a minimalist lighting piece using fairy lights and a vase. Floral arrangements are another popular choice, as are assorted fruit and candle creations. Alternatively, you could try incorporating something that has sentimental value to you, such as a piece of jewelry.

Add an Unexpected Twist

We’d recommend sticking to an overall theme for your table based upon your centerpiece, but a true tablescape connoisseur isn’t afraid to add an unexpected twist to the mix.


How to Create a Tablescape: Festive tablescape with checked cloth detail |

Here, we’ve added a decidedly un-Christmassy grid print which works to draw the eye and create a point of interest. If you’re considering adding in a bold pattern to your tablescape, make sure to keep everything else comparatively simple. In this case, the less is more mantra is key.


Play With Height

To ensure your tablescape is aesthetically pleasing and visually exciting, don’t be afraid to play with height.


How to Create a Tablescape: Festive tablescape with minimalist details |

Varying the height of the decor items on your table adds dimension to an otherwise flat and lackluster surface. Just remember not to pile your tablescape too high or your guests may have a hard time seeing each other across the table!

Consider Color

To ensure your tablescape looks cohesive, pay close attention to color.

How to Create a Tablescape: Festive tablescape with colorful food platters |

We recommend choosing two or three complementary colors (again, based upon your centerpiece), and perhaps one contrasting statement shade. Everything on your table – from the decor to the dinnerware, and even the food – should correspond to this chosen palette.

The Personal Touch

Whilst an aesthetically pleasing table is the aim of the game with this article, all of the time and effort spent on visual aesthetics will be for nothing if your tablescape fails to make each and every one of your guests feel welcome at your dinner table.

How to Create a Tablescape: Personalized rosemary place cards |

As a final personal touch, we added personalized place cards attached with rustic twine to our tablescape. Not only do they serve the practical function of letting guests know where to sit, but they also show that you’ve put effort into thinking of a seating arrangement for your guests.

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