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Old Meets New in This Historic Family Home Turned Luxury Boutique Hotel

Old Meets New in This Historic Family Home Turned Luxury Boutique Hotel

Steeped in history, Ignacia Guest House delights with traditional culture and contemporary design

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on June 28th 2019
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Ignacia Guest House


With its glorious mix of contemporary design and traditional culture, holidaymakers take note – the historic Ignacia Guest House is not your average hotel. Set in the heart of Mexico City’s cultural and gastronomic quarter, this luxury boutique hotel is more than a place to rest your head. It’s an experience in itself, offering guests a journey into the country’s artisinal and historic soul. And that’s thanks in no small part to its design. Keep scrolling to see more.

Sleek monochrome exterior facade of Ignacia Guest House in Mexico City | NONAGON.style

“Ignacia Guest House is an exclusive bed and breakfast with five suites blending history, Mexican artisan tradition and contemporary design. Opening its doors in February 2017, the name is derived from the housekeeper who looked after this 1913 casona for over 70 years, Ignacia.”

Neo-classic exterior front facade of Ignacia Guest House in Mexico City | NONAGON.style

Steeped in History

Don’t be fooled by its sleek contemporary design – this guest house is steeped in history. “It was originally built back in 1913 and owned by the same family through the years, until 2000 when my family bought it,” explains co-owner and architect Fermin Espinosa.

Ignacia Guest House: Outdoor garden and courtyard with decking and trees | NONAGON.style

“The architecture of the old part of the house is typical to the Porfirian area, with a heavy French influence. The newest building at the back of the house was built in 2008 – it is all glass and steel.”

Ignacia Guest House: Contemporary bedroom with chromatic color palette and wood accents | NONAGON.style

Home to Guest House

Prior to becoming a Guest House, this beautiful heritage space functioned as the private home of Espinosa and Gina Lozada. “This house used to be our family house, where I lived with my husband and our son,” shares Lozada.

Ignacia Guest House: Contemporary guest bedroom with sumptuous yellow and gold bedding and plush textures | NONAGON.style
Ignacia Guest House: Textural details in a contemporary bedroom of a luxury guest house | NONAGON.style

“The master bedroom became the Master Suite, our son’s room is now Suite Rosa, the guest room is Amarilla, a TV room used to be where Azul is today and lastly, Suite Verde was the office. We also had a backyard with grass with a soccer goal and a barbecue.”

Ignacia Guest House: Hallway with panel wall, custom artwork and cactus plant | NONAGON.style


Interiors-wise, the design concept reflects the personality and background of Ignacia. The chromatic color palette and sumptuous gardens, for instance, were inspired by the forests of Ignacia’s home state, Guerrero.

Ignacia Guest House: Modern traditional living room design with contemporary furniture and wood window frames | NONAGON.style
Modern meets traditional in the Ignacia Guest House with custom artwork and artisan pottery | NONAGON.style

Meanwhile, artwork displayed in the common areas stand as an ode to the revered housekeeper. “We told Ignacia’s story to artist Pau Masiques and he came out with these beautiful representations of the woman that inspired this project,” notes interior designer Andrés Gutierrez.

Kitchen of the Ignacia Guest House with open shelves featuring local artisinal pottery by Jose Cervantes | NONAGON.style
Ignacia Guest House: Artisinal pottery by local Mexican potter Jose Cervantes | NONAGON.style

“Around the house there is traditional Mexican pottery from the south of the country that blends beautifully with the nude color of the walls. It was important for us to display Mexican crafts in an elegant and sophisticated way.” – Gutierrez

Ignacia Guest House: Contemporary bedroom featuring lush pink textures and metallic and marble accents | NONAGON.style

When Old Meets New

Overall, the Ignacia Guest House boasts a cool eclectic aesthetic. We love how the spaces are polished and put together, yet still feel cozy, intimate and accessible.

Ignacia Guest House: Contemporary side table design in black and metallic | NONAGON.style

Here, the interior furniture blends traditional, past and contemporary, featuring designs by the likes of Eileen Gray, Eero Saarinen, Serge Mouille, Sean Dix, and James Tan.

Light and shadows in the Ignacia Guest House with mirrored glass windows and wood floor | NONAGON.style
Ignacia Guest House: Luxurious marble bathroom with wood accents | NONAGON.style

“One good tip when introducing traditional decoration elements into a contemporary space is to work a similar color palette for a subtle and elegant result. Also, don’t be afraid of including big bold pieces that make a statement.” – Gutierrez

Architecture of the Ignacia Guest House featuring a glass and steel window wall | NONAGON.style


As to be expected when it comes to heritage properties, the process of transforming the Ignacia Guest House was not without its share of trials and tribulations.

Ignacia Guest House: Balcony with wood doors and plant details | NONAGON.style

“In our country, historical buildings are protected by the state through the Fine Arts Institute,” shares Espinosa. “Therefore, when restoring a protected building, you need to comply with very strict regulations and make sure to keep the layouts and materials, and respect the integrity of the original architecture.”

Ignacia Guest House: Contemporary water feature with succulent plant detail | NONAGON.style

In addition to integrity, sustainability was also a big concern. This led to the installation of solar panels, which produce most of the electrical energy consumed on the property. All in all, this measure prevents 3.8 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year.

Ignacia Guest House: Luxury contemporary bedroom with chromatic interior featuring navy design accents | NONAGON.style

Final Thoughts

Since opening its doors to the public in February 2017, Ignacia Guest House has won adoration and praise from critics for its chic and considered design. But what do its guests think of the hotel as a place to stay?


“We are lucky that most of our guests are well traveled and appreciate the style of accommodations that we offer in terms of the interior design,” observes Lozada. “Our guests love the color palette of the rooms and common areas, the mix of traditional and contemporary in the decoration elements, the bold furniture, and the outdoor spaces.” The next time we’re in Mexico City, we know where we’ll be staying!

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