Lithuanian Loft with Stunning Headboard |
Lithuanian Loft with Stunning Headboard

Lithuanian Loft with Stunning Headboard

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on July 16th 2016
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Loft Town


Leon Garbačauskas

This bright and beautiful loft in Vilnius, Lithuania belongs to a young couple and their dog. The couple always loved the idea of living in a loft, for the open plan lifestyle. So when they bought this gorgeous loft apartment, they wanted to make sure it fit their dreams, and their requirements. The aim was to create a Scandinavian inspired home with an authentic and timeless finish.

Wooden furnishing adds some warm to this Loft apartment |

The front end of the apartment features these two giant windows, which bring in tons of light and help to keep the apartment ventilated.


Whites and grays dominate the decor, while the wooden furnishing creates a beautiful contrast and adds warmth. The sectional couch is also well-paired with a teal wingback chair and ottoman, adding a bit of an eclectic vibe.


When minimalist meets modern decor in this Loft apartment |

The InArch designers that worked on this project interpreted the owners’ vision with a minimal look, clean lines and modern decor. What I love about this room is the wooden panels at the entranceway – they create a striking first appearance, and a great way to partition and create a sense of cozyness in the living room, instead of it all flowing straight out the front door.

When minimalist meets modern decor in this Loft apartment |

Everything in the house seems to have organically found its place, and it enjoys a seamless flow through the spaces.

Storage room under the stairs to optimise the utility of the Loft apartment |

Optimal utilization of every corner is important for small spaces. So the area under the stairs was converted into storage. The part of stairs that extends further towards the kitchen has been converted into a laundry room and a powder room.

Storage room under the stairs to optimise the utility of the Loft apartment |
Flawless look with this kitchen in the Loft apartment |

The white kitchen looks flawless and has many interesting patterns. There’s a story behind the intriguing cabinets above the kitchen counter. Originally, the wall behind was a relief wall, so during the renovation the designers used the chance to create an interesting shape for the cabinets instead of disturbing the wall.

Beautiful used of colors in this Loft apartment's kitchen |

A wooden countertop and white sink look beautiful with the bright light coming in from the side. The black splashback picks up the reflection from outside views, creating a nice illusion of extra space in the loft.

Spacious Loft apartment with creative storage ideas |

Overall the apartment is pretty spacious, thanks to the minimal look and creative storage ideas.

Wooden slats with in Loft apartment |

This window seat is perfect for soaking in some sun. The wooden slats are a smart way to conceal the radiator, but I would want to add lots of comfy cushions on top and turn this into a nook for myself, and enjoy the views.

Wooden slats with in Loft apartment |

You’ll notice that the stairs leading up have vents on the top couple of steps. This is to keep the powder and laundry room area underneath ventilated. Concealing the ventilation in the steps is a simple way to keep the air circulating and create the room from getting stuffy and needing a loud extractor fan. Also a necessity for areas subject to humidity or mold.

Modern bedroom in loft apartment with feature window |

The bedroom is upstairs, with an attached bathroom. There is also a small room at the back that the couple can use as a home office.

Eye catching wooden panel in the loft apartment |

This headboard is surely the showstopper of this entire apartment. The timber extension of the frame spreads out across the wall and up the ceiling presenting such an awesome grandeur. It’s a fantastic and eye-catching design, that in other spaces might seem unusual – but in this loft it mirrors the beauty and style of the rest of the home.

Eye catching wooden panel in the loft apartment |

Building upon the wooden panel theme, this headboard was custom built. The height of the room was already low, so a gypsum ceiling was out of the question. The concrete was left open and the room needed some styling along with some lighting. So the designers came up with the idea of making these overhead panels with lights fitted along them, creating a stunning visual whether lit or not. I like to think they also are just like branches that have grown out from the wood on the floor.

View from above of the loft apartment |
Minimalist bathroom in the loft apartment |

The bathroom is minimal and in the same style as the rest of the house.

Visual from above of the loft apartment |
Modern bedroom in loft apartment with feature window |

What a visual delight. The owners love every bit of the design, as it fits into the Scandinavian aesthetic. Their favorite area was the living room, and I’m sure their pet pooch is having as much fun in his new home too!


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