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This Is How to Up Your Indoor Greenery Game

This Is How to Up Your Indoor Greenery Game

And five other design tips you might have missed this month!

Written by –
Jess Ng
on June 28th 2018
Born and raised in the UK, Jess is NONAGON’s resident historian turned marketer turned writer, drawn to Hong Kong by the lure of dim sum breakfasts and bustling city life. A foodie who loves to cook, food occupies 70% of her brain 90% of the time. When not eating, Jess can typically be found buried in a book or obsessing over making NONAGON’s Instagram #feedgoals.

Given that indoor house plants are one of the biggest design trends of the moment, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you all have at least one greenery moment happening in your abode. Maybe you’ve added a pretty planter to your minimalist bookshelf. Or perhaps you’ve clustered a group of succulents atop a bohemian rattan stand. Either way, given our many indoor house plant stories, I’m fairly certain you have the look on lock, which means now it’s time to go that one step further.


Ahead, discover how to up your indoor greenery game, and five other design tips you might have missed this month.

Design Tip #1

Up Your Indoor Greenery Game with a Vertical Garden

Minimalist hallway with modern wood and glass staircase and urban jungle indoor vertical garden | NONAGON.style
image source

Whether it’s a herb garden in the kitchen or a cascade of colorful blooms in the living room, up your indoor greenery game with a showstopping vertical garden. Vertical gardens are a fantastic way to bring the outside in, especially for those without an actual garden. They’re also pretty impressive looking. Case in point, the urban garden wall featured in this Montreal home tour. In an otherwise minimalist space, this vertical garden brings all the drama! Even if you don’t have a lot of wall space to work with, there are many modular planting systems that make it easy to incorporate a vertical garden to your home. Happy landscaping!


See more of the Courcelette Residence HERE.

Design Tip #2

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Wallpaper with Decorative Tiles

Modern contemporary bathroom with statement monochrome wallpaper and black decorative tiles | NONAGON.style
image source

When it comes to decorating with wallpaper and decorative tiles, most people think you can only have one or the other. Both together would just be too much, right? Well not necessarily. As we learned from our round up of perfectly patterned tiles, mixing and matching wallpaper and tile in fact makes for a strikingly unique look. The mix of textures here immediately draws the eye, and adds depth and dimension to the space. Just remember the rule of balance. A strong statement wallpaper should be balanced by a simple, color block tile, and vice versa.


Head HERE to discover more of our favorite perfectly patterned tiles.

Design Tip #3

Consider Investing in Shutters to Beat the Heat this Summer

White minimalist bedroom with bed canopy and shutter details | NONAGON.style
image source

More than just a pretty window accessory, did you know that shutters can help to keep your home cool? Depending on your chosen style of shutter, they can be cracked at an angle to regulate the air flow allowed into a room. What’s more, shutters are great for visually minimizing sunlight, making them a great alternative to heavy curtains which can make a space feel stuffy.


For more tips like this, make sure to check out our guide to keeping your home cool – the interior way.

Design Tip #4

Combine Vertical and Horizontal Lines to Create the Illusion of a Bigger Space

Rustic farmhouse living space with beams and striking brick pattern | OOIIO Architecture | NONAGON.style
image source

Styling a small space typically involves one specific goal – to make said space feel bigger. We’ve previously noted how maximizing light has a huge part to play in this, but what if adding in an extra window or skylight just isn’t an option? Well in their restoration of a rustic Toledo farmhouse, OOIIO Architecture turned to an interesting use of linear brick patterns instead. In this small nook, vertical and horizontal lines have been layered in opposing directions to create a simple yet effective wall design. In doing so, the architect directs the eye back and up, making the space feel larger than it is.


See more of the Former Haystack Refurbishment HERE.

Design Tip #5

Make Your Space Feel Bigger By Incorporating a Large Rug

Modern rustic living room render by NONAGON.studio with exposed brick wall and large oversized rug | NONAGON.style
image source

If graphic patterns aren’t your thing, then this rustic modern NONAGON.studio render has just the trick for you. Here, a large oversized rug not only pulls the overall look together, it also creates the illusion of a larger space. Though it may feel counter intuitive, this tip is all about playing with proportions in a way that tricks the eye. A large rug that extends beyond the furniture helps to draw the eye wider.


Head HERE to see more of this rustic modern render .

Design Tip #6

Think Beyond Aesthetics When Choosing Wood Flooring for Your Home

Bright contemporary kitchen with island and wooden bar stools | NONAGON.style
image source

Heads up everyone! Not all wood floors are designed equal, and choosing the right wood floor is not just about aesthetics. For instance, there’s the level of installation to think about, not to mention the resilience and durability of different types of wood. And don’t get us started on the staining. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a handy little guide which explains it all. You can thank us later.


Click HERE to check out our guide to finding the right wooden flooring for your home.

Looking for more design tips? Then head to our Tips & Guides category where we’ve covered everything from how to use feng shui to get a better night’s sleep, to how to use driftwood to give your home a summery makeover.


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