Meet the Family Living in a Nature-Inspired City Home |
Meet the Family Living in a Nature-Inspired City Home

Meet the Family Living in a Nature-Inspired City Home

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on November 3rd 2017
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For most families, a souvenir or two might be all they bring home as memories of their trip along with plenty of photographs of scenic views. But the Chan Family is an exception. Because of their love for sea exploration and jungle safaris, they wanted their home to also reflect the beauty of the natural habitats they visited. And while it was no easy task, as apartments in Hong Kong tend to be quite small, they were able to seek help from designers who took on the challenge of creating a nature-inspired home that felt bright and spacious.


We spent the afternoon getting to know the family of four, along with designer Rowena from Liquid Interiors, who shared the unique story of the home with us. Check out this video to see the rest of the home.

To Mr. Chan, a healthy home is a requisite to a happy and comfortable family life. So when the family moved to Hong Kong two years ago, they wanted to live somewhere with fresh, clean air, and natural decor. But in a busy city like Hong Kong, air quality and traffic noise are issues hard to avoid.

Liquid Interiors with the Chan Family |

Mr. Chan’s search for designers eventually led him to team up with Liquid Interiors, an eco-conscious interior design firm. With the promise of clean air and a sustainable design, the team led by Rowena Gonzales set out to transform the home into a elegant space fitted with the latest home technology.

Modern ocean-inspired living room |

The family’s involvement with the design process meant that details around the home were customized exactly to their needs. From the ocean-themed living and dining area to the unique features of the bedrooms, every corner represented their vision of their ideal home. The kids were also given the chance to decide on their room decor and add personal touches to their room.

Indoor plants |

With health and wellness being top priority for the family, an air purification system was installed throughout the home. This was complemented with the gorgeous indoor plants around the home, bringing in a hint of outdoors.

Inside a nature-inspired city home with Liquid Interiors |

Having grown up taking care of his own fish, Mr. Chan wanted to have a large fish tank set up in the dining area. It serves as the perfect ocean-inspired backdrop to the dining area and also offers the added benefit of regulating the home’s indoor temperature.

Intricate details in this leather headboard in the bedroom | Inside a nature-inspired city home with Liquid Interiors |

Finally, the home is semi-automated. The family can easily control window shades, light modes, and air conditioning through an app. With a press of a button, they can dim the lights and prepare for a goodnight’s rest.


In the heart of the city, this home offers a natural sanctuary while making good use of technology. It’s no wonder the family love their new home, where they can spend plenty of time reminiscing about their travels and planning for their next adventure.

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