Inspirational Outdoor Rooms For Sweet Summer Living |
Inspirational Outdoor Rooms For Sweet Summer Living

Inspirational Outdoor Rooms For Sweet Summer Living

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on March 21st 2019
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There’s that magic time of the year when you want to be enjoying the outside, eschewing the indoors for an outdoor space that feels just as cozy as a living room but much better suited to the weather. Whether a space to let your child run around without breaking valuables or a dining spot that makes dinner a joy, check out some of our top picks for stylish outdoor rooms.

The Bedroom Suite

Tip #1: Walls are overrated

Outdoor bedroom and bathroom suite in home of Yankee star Alex Rodriguez | image by Björn Wallander |
image source | photo Björn Wallander

Yankees star Alex Rodriguez knows the beauty of using sliding doors to make the most of the natural breeze. This bedroom features skylights and huge sweeping sliding windows to turn this room into an outdoor room. If you’re thinking of creating a room that works as a summer room, consider large windows that can be tucked away.

Bar Spot

Tip #2: Think about how you like to entertain

image source

What makes this spot feel like an outdoor room? Set into the backyard, this space is well defined with spots for relaxing, eating and a space to cook. The barbecue area is covered to protect the fridge and other electrical equipment, particularly the television making it the place to host your sports day cookout.


Tip #3: Summer rooms beg for light

image source

Designer Sara Ruffin Costello uses Moorish arabesques and a fabulous lattice trellis for decor in this New Orleans home. This summer house feels and looks much like an outdoor room given its light vibes, collection of greenery and maintains a bit of glam with its french doors. Painted in a light eggshell blue, it feels both feminine and fierce. Sometimes this latticework, also known as treillage, uses mirrors behind the lattice to make the room feel overall brighter and lighter.

Chilling Poolside

Tip #4: Shade please

image source

With simple and minimal furniture, this is one of those outdoor rooms that’s great for lounging poolside and easy to wash down. A dining space, food preparation area and place to lounge, and you have the perfect lazy day. All you need now is the right cocktail.

Vineyard Rustic

Tip #5: Long rustic dining tables are always a winner

image source

Rustic bench, logs for the fire and linen textiles? This rustic country spot is one of those picturesque outdoor rooms you’d long to find in the Italian countryside, having breakfast under the shade and enjoying the evening’s candlelit dinners with a good glass of wine.

Built In

Tip #6: Building a bench means less storage

image source

When you have an outdoor space, you may have a lot of furniture that needs to survive the elements. With this outdoor spot, it feels like a room because it already has a bench embedded. It shows that the area has purpose and also something solid and secure that you won’t need to bring in during heavy rain.

image source

The Pavilion

Tip #7: Use all available space

Under the patio, an outdoor space made to feel like an indoor room, escape from the shade and enjoy the jacuzzi |
image source

This outdoor space belongs to a family home in Minnesota, built underneath a deck. With a jacuzzi and space to chill out, you can relax outside but without the fear of rain or sunburn. Screens are put up to contain any heat, but are removable!

Outdoor room inspiration idea with jacuzzi |
image source

Where’s the Shisha?

Tip #8: Textiles pack personality and are easy to modify according to trends

image source

For this laid back outdoor room, the low level furniture creates a relaxed vibe and white furniture is made more atmospheric with patterned textiles. Go for a boho feel or feel free to change it up with the season.

Country Classic

Tip #9: Ground different areas around tables

image source

An outdoor room that feels mostly indoors, with its incredible chandelier and delicately organised flower collection, this is the ultimate in southern charm. Sticking with white neutrals and a simple timber style for furniture, this is the spot for iced tea and chatting the evening away with your neighbors and friends. They’ll like it so much they won’t want to leave! Good thing those chairs look extra comfy. Each spot is grounded in a separate space, a place to take coffee, an area to relax on the sofa, and this makes it feel even more like home.

The InBetweener

Tip #10: Think about your feet

Patio becomes an outdoor room with cleverly placed furniture |
image source

What started out as a patio space has become an extension of the home thanks to its homely trellis, potted plants and a selection of rugs that make the space comfortable underfoot.

Starry Starry Night

Tip #11: Consider weather-appropriate lighting

image source

By making your patio space well lit, you can enjoy the outdoor room vibes late into the night. Stringing waterproof lights across the pergola, create a starry night. The furniture combo is sleek, supported with some striking black and white textured cushions and rug.

image source

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