These Are Our Most Popular Tech Stories This Year |
These Are Our Most Popular Tech Stories This Year

These Are Our Most Popular Tech Stories This Year

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on December 20th 2017
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With so many tech items out in the market this year, we’ve been busy hand-picking our favorite home technology that can transform the way we live. After all, what’s not to love about smart planters or energy-saving lamps when they’re more accessible than ever. From gadgets that can protect your home while your on vacation to learning the pros and cons of using solar panels for your home,  the team dives head first into the details to make sure you get the first peek into the latest innovative products you might want to consider adding to your home. As the year draws to an end, we look back at the top tech stories of 2017.

Magical Airbnb treehouse vacation rental in Atlanta, Georgia |

There’s never a wrong time for a vacation, especially when looking for a place to stay is now as easy as a click of a button. Ditch the familiar hotel room and go for something more adventurous – Airbnb rentals show you what it’s like to live local wherever you are.


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Gray sofa in the living room | This app lets you rent furniture |
image courtesy of Feather

Why buy furniture when you can rent it? Feather is the latest start-up that makes it easy for tech-savvy millennials and young professionals to rent classic mid-modern century inspired pieces for a set amount of time, or until they decide to move. While there’s nothing wrong about investing in your own furniture, Feather gives people a fuss-free alternative for sourcing furniture until they’re ready to buy their own.


Here’s the story..

Microcromo - Transformable Coffee Table Shows Microscopic Art |

If you think space is tight, maybe you’d like a coffee table that doubles up as wall art? For those of you nodding your head in agreement (or surprise?) check out the collapsible table by Microcromo. It’s a 3D printed coffee table that shows microscopic art in different colored lighting. Designed by Italian company Art Is Therapy, Microcomo was born out of a combination of passions – photography and a penchant for microscopic images.


Read our interview with the designer Marco Zagaria.

Eclipse removes cable clutter |

Mosquito-repelling air purifier, smart alarm clocks and solar-powered lamps – these are just a few of the newest tech products to hit the market this year. If you’re planning on adding smart home accessories to your space, check out this list for starters. Who knows, you might find a gadget that revolutionizes your everyday life.


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