Interior Designers Predict 2017 Design Trends |
Interior Designers Share Their 2017 Design Predictions

Interior Designers Share Their 2017 Design Predictions

Buh-bye marble and subway tiles!

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on December 28th 2016
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These last few days of the year are always exciting. We look back at the year it was, and plan ahead to make the new year shine brighter. This past year on, we’ve shared with you some amazing home designs, discussed decor trends, and met some incredible artists and designers. As we look forward to the new year ahead, we asked some of our featured designers about their thoughts on design trends that will be popular in 2017, and how they will be incorporating these trends in their upcoming designs. Here’s what they had to say.

Maurizio Pellizzoni

Maurizio is all about the luxury. Known for injecting some much needed glamour into a range of residential and commercial properties, this year Maurizio has even designed a special edition music system in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. Heading into 2017, Maurizio predicts that personality will be key.

Maurizio Pellizzoni designed modern classical kitchen with range cooker and black and white tiles - Design Trends 2017 |
Kitchen from 'Surrey Hill Country Mansion' by Maurizio Pellizzoni.

What design trends do you think will be most popular in 2017?

For the upcoming year, I think we will move more and more in the direction of luxury finishes that incorporate the use of unique and different materials from past years. We will see a more sophisticated and elegant style brought into our interior schemes, whilst simultaneously injecting something more personal into the space.

White hallway with wooden floors and patterned wallpaper - Design Trends 2017 |
Hallway from 'Incision House' by Architects EAT

Organic natural colors and patterns relating to nature will be prominent. As we move away from recent years reflecting austerity, this palette will work beautifully with jewel tones and luxury materials such as leather and bronze.

Minimalist bathroom with tiled wall and round bath tub - Design Trends 2017 |
Bathroom from 'Talbot Road' by Ardesia Design

Patterns in 2017 will naturally interlink with the color trend forecast. Natural patterns will dominate; from earthy foliage, gentle contours in natural materials such as stone, to animal prints.

How will you be including these design trends in your upcoming projects?

Clients are increasingly asking for something that’s tailor-made to their personality. This is a key trend that will influence how we design their homes. For instance, things like art commissions for the home that represents the family’s history and the like will become more and more popular.

Kids bedroom with rock climbing wall - Design Trends 2017 |
Bedroom from 'Scenario House' by Scenario Architecture

In addition to being a follow on from the artisan trend of 2016, this notion of personality also mirrors a new approach to craftsmanship. Clients are requesting a unique look for their homes and interiors as a personal reflection of their lifestyle and an extension to their personalities; and also in the form of wellbeing, as a place to escape to.

Do you have any personal design goals for 2017?

We have some interesting new projects to reveal for 2017. For example, my first ever USA family home that showcases a different style from anything which I have previously implemented. I will also be revealing some more exciting design collaborations.

Maurizio Pellizzoni designed industrial-style living space with pop art prints and fairy lights - Design Trends 2017 |
Living room from 'GQ Bachelor Pad' by Maurizio Pellizzoni

After 15 years in London, I am planning to move to a new apartment. Like with all my clients, the design of my home interior will evolve from exploring trends and taking inspiration from the environment and experiences around me, from travel destinations and fashion, to cinema and art.

Egue y Seta

Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo, the Spanish duo behind interior design firm Egue y Seta, pride themselves on providing a holistic service to clients that goes beyond mere aesthetical concern. For 2017, Egue y Seta predict changes aplenty, including (much to their delight) the decline of the subway tile.

Egue y Seta designed bright and cheerful bedroom with green and pink accents - Design Trends 2017 |
Bedroom from 'The Furnished Void' by Egue y Seta

What design trends do you think will be most popular in 2017?

Trends are not universal, and not all of them are for everyone. Neither do they appear suddenly or are brought upon us by surprise. That is to say that some of the trends we will be seeing in 2017 are just the natural evolution of those we saw in 2016. For example, copper will be out but gold will take its place, fueled by the Great Gatsby, Roaring 20’s and the Neo Art Deco revival trend we have been immersed in for the past few months.

Cozy living room with muted olive walls and white accents - Design Trends 2017 |
Living room from 'Englefield Road' by Droo Projects

Some of the most important editors and curators in the color industry have also appointed some earthy pinks and clay-terracotta-like reds as big color trends for the upcoming months. But who knows really?

Eclectic and colorful living room with yellow, red and blue accents designed by Egue y Seta - Design Trends 2017 |
Living room from 'The Furnished Void' by Egue y Seta

All this color forecast frenzy often sounds like whimsy to us. Why would anyone bother to pick one (or five) color(s) of the year? Based on what? What were the other thousand not selected colors? If it is true that palettes are precisely there to help us choose from a very vast variety, why should we have them narrowed down by anyone else other than the client?

Stylish industrial-chic loft apartment with open plan living arrangement |
Living room from 'Haruki's Apartment' by The Goort Design Bureau

According to most trend reports we have come across so far, cork, timber and clay will be in, while the marble trend will slowly fade out, to be replaced with a less shiny stone. At the same time, we will finally be saying goodbye to the subway tile! (Let’s toast to that!) And let’s hope patchwork mosaic tiles and quote based artwork goes away with it.

Modern dining room with hanging pendant lights and statement greenery - Design Trends 2017 |
Dining room from 'Dampier Residence' by Arc-Seven.1 and Vivendi

Greenery will still be ‘hot’ but no so much on print. Regarding plants, we’ll be seeing less of them in number but they will be increased in size (both the plant itself and the leaves), towards a ‘statement plant’ effect.


Mirrors will once again be shiny and smooth (the antique mirror effect fetish is wearing out) but glass will lose transparency and gain texture and color towards a smoked or stained glass effect. Wicker and rattan are now ‘the thing’, and will still be next year; however, we will be seeing new, more refined versions of it as industrial designers further explore all their material possibilities.

Rattan baby's crib in nursery with blue and white wall - Design Trends 2017 |
image source

All in all, one should be aware, these are like any other forecasts. They are likely to happen but are never a sure thing. Above all, designers should always try to defy trends. It’s the only way of coming up with the next one!

White and minimalist bedroom with statement wall art - Design Trends 2017 |
Bedroom from 'A Live-In Tale In Madrid' by Egue Y Seta

How will you be including these design trends in your upcoming projects?

As much as we can, or as much as clients allow us! But to be totally honest, we should say that following trends is not one of our biggest concerns. We prefer to focus on the client and their needs, lifestyle, preferences and choices. Their personality is really the only important trend book to us.


Do you have any personal design goals for 2017?

Yes! We are redoing bathrooms at home. But I’m afraid they won’t be so trendy! As the saying goes, “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”.

Klopf Architecture

John Klopf of Klopf Architecture is an accomplished architect known for his penchant for designing modernist residential homes. What’s more, Klopf Architecture has expertise in working within a green framework, meaning all their designs are environmentally-friendly – a trend John predicts will grow to be more important than ever in 2017.

Swimming pool in a Klopf Architecture-designed modernist home - Design Trends 2017 |
Garden from the Glass Wall House by Klopf Architecture

What design trends do you think will be most popular in 2017?

Firstly, we anticipate the indoor-outdoor living trend will be even more popular in 2017 than it is today. More and more people are falling in love with the nature right outside their homes, and looking for ways to open up their living spaces, both inside and also to the outdoors. We also anticipate that in California, with the stricter energy codes going into effect, very highly efficient homes will become the norm.

Outdoor veranda roof space with garden and greenery - Design Trends 2017 |
Outdoor veranda from 'Terraces' by H&P Architects

How will you be including these design trends in your upcoming projects?

As always, we will push the indoor-outdoor and great room concepts in our designs. Incorporating these with the energy efficiency improvements will be a challenge. We’ll be training in Passive House construction and using solar panels to design more net-zero-energy homes in 2017 than ever before.

Open plan living and dining area in a modernist style by Klopf Architecture - Design Trends 2017 |
Garden from the Glass Wall House by Klopf Architecture

Do you have any personal design goals for 2017?

We are looking for a language of architecture that combines modernist design, indoor-outdoor living, passive house design, simplicity, and natural, timeless materials. Our designs are generally moving in that direction and will continue to do so in 2017.

Turett Collaborative

Wayne Turett and his team have overseen the design of dozens of notable commercial, residential, retail and restaurant projects, spanning from original constructions to historic restorations. For 2017, Wayne is looking forward to warmer, more relaxed interior styles – all warm woods and beautiful paint finishes.

Open plan living and dining area with a swing in a Tribeca loft apartment - Design Trends 2017 |
Living room from 'Laight Street Loft' by The Turett Collaborative

What design trends do you think will be most popular in 2017?

I think that homeowners will be looking for less formal, more relaxed, warm contemporary design in their homes. Not cold, but modern that you can live in, with warm woods, beautiful paint finishes, and some unlikely finishes like woods and plaster in bathrooms and kitchens. Energy efficiency and home automation will continue to move forward with us, but with less complicated and more reliable systems.

Open plan living and kitchen area with wood panel ceiling - Design Trends 2017 |
Living room from '[Bracketed Space] House' by Matt Fajkus Architecture

How will you be including these design trends in your upcoming projects?

Our projects on the boards and our new ones are moving in the direction mentioned above. We have one master bath that will have a wood floor and Venetian plaster walls, no tiles. Reclaimed wood floors are my preferred floor finish. We are also using a voice command interface that controls music, lights and HVAC.


Do you have any personal design goals for 2017?

Personally, I would like to make this world a quieter place. The level of noise in the city, roads and even restaurants has escalated to unhealthy levels. To combat this in the home, we are specifying triple glazed windows and are sealing up the building envelope. Both of these are also beneficial for energy conservation.

Martin Raffone LLC

Described by clients as a “gifted multi-faceted designer”, it is clear Martin’s designs are loved by many. Specializing in the interior design of residential properties, his style marries a sophisticated use of form with a subtle use of materials. In the coming year, Martin predicts big things for all things metallic.

Modern living area with exposed brick and plaster wall and statement wood chair - Design Trends 2017 |
Living room from 'Mercer Street Loft' by Martin Raffone LLC

What design trends do you think will be most popular in 2017?

I see lots of metals in our design future. Already there are metallics popping up in fashion, and so then follows home design.


Matte silvers, bronze, and copper; acid etched brass and nickel. I think the reflections and warmth of metal is on trend right now.

Bathroom with metallic bathtub and hanging pendant lights - Design Trends 2017 |
Bathroom from 'Penthouse' by Residence Interior Design London

How will you be including these design trends in your upcoming projects?

I see metals being used more liberally (not just in kitchen and bath fittings). I love the idea of matte finished metal panels in a hallway or living space accent wall.

Home office with dark accents and blue lamp - Design Trends 2017 |
Home office from 'Mercer Street Loft' by Martin Raffone LLC

Do you have any personal design goals for 2017?

I do have plans to update my kitchen cabinets using unvarnished brass. I’ve also designed a new clothing wardrobe that will incorporate leather tile base and polished stainless steel on the top.


Are you planning to change things up at home in the coming year? Which of the new design trends would you like to introduce to your interior decor?


Please note that some answers have been edited for length and clarity.


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