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How to Warm a Classic Space with Pops of Orange

How to Warm a Classic Space with Pops of Orange

Your interior dose of vitamin c

Written by –
NONAGON.style Team
on May 17th 2018
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Something about the warm weather this week has us craving color. Luckily for us, this week’s render from NONAGON.studio doesn’t disappoint on that front. It even features what is arguably interior design’s most difficult color to work with – orange! Read on to discover more.

Fun But Classic

When it comes to orange home decor, most people seem to think that the hue only works in an ultra contemporary or boho eclectic space. But the truth of the matter is actually the complete opposite. Case in point – this timelessly classic living room with pops of vibrant tangerine accents.

NONAGON.studio 3D render featuring pops of orange home decor in a timelessly classic living room | NONAGON.style

Accent Shade

The key to keeping orange classic is to choose a complementary neutral shade to pair it with. Earth tones, such as taupe and woody brown in particular, work beautifully with orange and really help to ground the hue. Start with using your chosen neutral as a base. Then experiment with adding in orange as an accent shade. Cushions and other soft furnishings are good options for this. Alternatively, you could try introducing an orange-themed decorative art piece, or a beautiful bouquet of orange flowers.


Curated Chic

For added visual depth, a good tip is to vary the shades of orange you use. Here, brighter apricots are mixed with coral and deep burnt oranges. This helps to draw the eye in, stopping the space from looking overly flat. At the same time, be mindful that less is always more when it comes to a loud color like orange. Be strict with your styling so that the overall look is more curated chic than confused chaos.

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