Therapy Center Offers Homely Scandinavian Zen |
Earthy Tones Create Calm in Kamala Center Waiting Room

Earthy Tones Create Calm in Kamala Center Waiting Room

Color therapy begins from the front door

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on July 11th 2018
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After a long-nurtured dream, the time finally came to open a new counselling center and yoga space in Kiev, Ukraine. Turning to long time acquaintance and interior designer Olga Fradina to design the new premises, the Kamala Center opened with great aplomb and a stunning contemporary look.

A cozy living room feel for therapy center |

The look and feel of the design was centered around functionality. The center was created to support a range of holistic and therapeutic practices, from yoga and meditation to counseling and massage therapy.


Overall the look is deep in color. Deep blue tones are paired with calming millenial pink hues. Thoughtful decor is dotted around to provide a home-like and comforting space for relaxation.

The perfect spot for color therapy sessions |

Given that one of the main functions for the center is color therapy, the overall color scheme was particularly important.


The consultation room features a cabinet complete with the Aura-Soma colored equilibrium bottles on display in their own rack. Overall it’s a full and complete room, yet the style of each item is laconic and much of the decor speaks for itself in terms of the quality of material or depth of color. Zen-like and relaxing. Brought together it feels like a friendlier and earthier counselling space compared to a typical clinical environment.

Rattan chair matches a turquoise pillow with a velvet sofa |

Vintage velvet armchairs and turquoise sofa give a sense of warmth and rich comfort, while paired with rugs and furniture elements from  Swedish brands Ikea and Sia to balance the budget. The wicker chair helps to tie styles together. Many items were sourced from the consultant’s collection, while paintings and ceramics around the center were created specifically for the project by Fradina.

Counseling room feels homely with assorted decor |
Homely items assembled to make color consultations feel relaxing |
Kitchen in therapy center featuring plenty of open shelving |

Having a functional kitchen area brings the space together. The sink is sizeable enough for washing up the many cups used throughout the day.


The walls are painted in a gentle and warm taupe, the Regency Fawn from Little Greene. Wood shelving is practical and structural.

Kitchen area given plenty of open shelving |
Wood bench given matching light peach cushions |
Waiting room and kitchen area for Kamala Center |
Massage room in deep hues |

In the massage room, we’re greeted with rich dark stained woods that highlight the colors of the timber in the cabinetry. The bench was made by Ukrainian furniture studio Staritska Maysternya. A nook is decorated with African jewelry, ceramics, golds, blacks and an earthy tone for the wall. Conveniently the massage room now has a shower room built next to it.

Massage room in deep hues featuring wooden handmade bench |
Decor combines Eastern, Western and African decor |
Waiting room and corridor at therapy center in Kiev |
Shower room in black and white at Kamala Center |
Mirror reflects black painted brick walls in the powder room at Kamala Center |
Blues paired with wood for bright and clean hues in the powder room |
Dark mirror frame paired with warm taupe color in the powder room |

Having spent almost a year on this project, working on the designs and implementation Fradina is happy with the results. Over the growth of the Kamala Center, Fradina looks forward to a continuing relationship watching it develop, acquiring new senses and details.

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