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Karol’s Place in Kraków

Karol’s Place in Kraków

Designer is let loose with freedom for design in Krakow apartment

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on July 4th 2016
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It’s always fun to peek into a designer’s own project. They get to let loose with the designs and ideas that they enjoy, so we can really see what makes them feel inspired. Just check out this Krakow apartment to see what we mean.


This home is owned by Karol Cieplinski of Polish architectural firm Blackhaus. After a 2015 renovation of the building, it was time for an overhaul of the interior too – completed earlier this year. The apartment is on the third floor of a tenement housing building from 1934. It’s not far from the historical area of Krakow Old Town, making it a great location for visitors and guests. Karol decided to make the apartment a place that he can stay, or an easily accessible space that he can rent out for travelers staying in Krakow on a short term basis.

Essential for a minimalist home | NONAGON.style

Photos are striking! And that was entirely intentional. There are a range of homes being let in this area and Karol wanted to make sure this place really stood out, while at the same time making sure he put his personal stamp on the place. “The challenge was to create an essential and familiar space where guests can find everything they need to live temporarily in the rooms, as if they were at home.”


The space has been completely redesigned this year. It is only 27 square meters, which is not huge, but it feels light and airy with its big open bedroom-living room space. The open plan style of the apartment was important to Karol, but he also wanted to make sure there were clearly divided zones for each kind of activity.


There is a varied use of shapes throughout the apartment, playing with the round and the long straight geometric feel of the items. Just look above the bed at the donut shaped Mr Magoo lamp, and the contrast with the long shapes of the floor pattern.

Minimalist bedroom in a sunny white color | NONAGON.style

The bedroom and living room area has been painted a sunny white color, with the natural oak accent. The kitchen and entrance area is a light grey, while a moody black was reserved for the bathroom.


Karol says “the utmost attention was paid to the detail – I believe the enticing nature of minimalist interiors lies within the few details.”


The lighting here by the bed was specially chosen. They are Light Au Lait sconces by Ingo Maurer. Made from porcelain they look just like tea cups, acting as a reminder to take a break!

Minimalist home with Blackhaus kitchen | NONAGON.style

It’s the little details that make this room more than just a white cube. Absolutely loving the herringbone pattern floor, it goes beautifully with the table in the living room area.

Minimalist living room | NONAGON.style

The floating drawers lift the room up away from the floor. The length of the drawers echoes the long lines of the wood paneling. Once again a great use of shapes and lengths in the room make it a visual feast.


The plants in the room are mostly succulents and longer-lasting plants that don’t need to be watered too much.

Small space creates a very cozy minimalist home | NONAGON.style

Everything is quite neat and compact in this apartment space.  The entrance area at the doorway is a gray, which you can see from this angle. It’s the neutral meeting ground between the white living area, and the black bathing area.

Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring in a minimalist home bathroom | NONAGON.style

This bathroom definitely packs a punch, with its dark interiors. And we can’t not talk about the ceiling! Up above is this recreation of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring, which you can study from the bathtub.

Minimalist home bathroom in black | NONAGON.style

Practical-minded, the paint in the bathroom was selected for its durability and easy-to-clean nature. Also a great use of mirror placement to frame the painting. As long as you don’t feel uncomfortable with somebody watching over you in the bathroom! The rest of the room has a minimalist feel. The furniture fittings for the sink are thin and spacious, as with such a dark room you wouldn’t want anything too bulky.


Once again Karol has used a range of lengths and shapes to create a warm feeling in the room. With the round mirror next to the long radiator rack, the bathroom feels modern and contemporary.

Creative bathroom tile meets minimalist home | NONAGON.style

The bathroom tiles are a creative way to make the room stand out. Instead of shocking with a bright white, or blending the room into even more of a dark cocoon feel, the trio of white-gray-black tiles is a hit. The 3D feel of the cubism shape adds something funky and different and draws your eye back down from the ceiling.


It’s great to see something so unique on the walls, and while black  may not be the color of choice for your bathroom, it really fits the design brief Karol set himself for this apartment.

What do you think? Would you stay here on your next trip to Krakow?

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