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Kate’s View Over the Bosphorus

Kate’s View Over the Bosphorus

Isobel McKenzie
Written by –
Isobel McKenzie
on June 1st 2016
Originally from London, Isobel is enthralled by the curves and lines that make up a city. It's fascinating to see how modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks muddle together. Her Instagram feed @Isobel_McKenzie is usually full of spiral staircases and tall buildings. Can also be found on Twitter.. sometimes.

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Yasemin Arpac and Sebahattin Emir at Ofist


Ali Bekman for Ofist

With the aim of creating a sweet home full of light and bright space, this Istanbul apartment is open breezy. Turkish design firm Ofist worked on this project to make the home feel just as special as the city it lives in.


Istanbul sits on the cusp between Asia and Europe, with the Bosphorus Strait running through the middle. The streets are rich in history and architectural tradition, and the Beyoğlu district where you find this home, is no different. This penthouse apartment belongs to Kate, who fell in love with the hustle and bustle, and rooftop city views.


The building is at least a century old, however the apartment itself was a recent extension. It was a bit bland and lacking the magic reflected in the views around it.

Spiral staircase and warm toned apartment | NONAGON.style

Correspondingly, Ofist design studio gutted the central area of the apartment and turned it into this spacious entrance. They outfitted the wall with two levels of shelves to function as a library and a storage area.


In addition, a slim white metal staircase is such a sweet focal point for the main area, as it spirals up to the rooftop terrace for those fantastic views. The steps that lead up also create a corridor that catwalks across the bookshelves, to allow you to reach even the top shelf. Great idea.

Spiral staircase with cut out leaf shapes | NONAGON.style
Laser cut outs on the steps with shadows on the spiral staircase | NONAGON.style

Gentle and playful, I love the way the slits in each step allow light to dance through. In this case the shadows create the look of dappled sunlight pouring through the trees.

Spiral staircase turns this tall apartment into a duplex | NONAGON.style

The small leaf shapes relate to the fallen leaves surrounding the Gezi Park protests, which occurred just before the renovation project started. The protests were sparked, partly, in response to many trees cut down and the loss of public spaces in Turkey. At different times of the day, the leaves create patterns of sun that shine down through the steps and woodwork.

Living room with simple gray color scheme adapts well to summer and winter | NONAGON.style

Flooring throughout the home is an oiled oak parquet, lending warmth to the apartment. White painted wooden slats, or laths, cover the ceilings. In this cozy corner the fuzzy gray carpet and furniture feel balanced and calming. With this purpose in mind, I can definitely imagine a quiet afternoon, curled up here with a good book!

Gray color scheme living room with warm wood tones | NONAGON.style

Despite being a wide and open space, the furniture is placed carefully so that it easily draws attention to the function of each area. You can see where Kate’s desk looks out over the window, purposefully organized to absorb the city streets and soak up inspiration as she works.

Fireplace and bookshelf in the living room | NONAGON.style
Living room with cozy fireplace | NONAGON.style

While summer months may be the time for sitting in the sunshine, Istanbul gets cold in winter and is prone to snow. Pushed away from the windows, this nook feels like a warm and friendly place to relax. It is refined, with its gray brushed marble covering and cut out fireplace. There are more floor-to-ceiling shelves – these ones are metal and their shapes match well with the quadrilateral structures of the chairs.

Kate's corridor in Istanbul apartment | NONAGON.style
White minimal bedroom with views over Istanbul | NONAGON.style

What a great room to wake up in! The long curtains feel luxurious, and beautifully frame the tall windows that lead to the balcony. Do you like the way they puddle at the bottom? To me the way the drapes gather illustrate that feeling of leisure and lazy days. It’s a gorgeous room, and a lovely place to relax.

White bedroom with en suite bathroom | NONAGON.style

Peek through the doors, to the rooms beyond! The master bedroom presents a dressing room area, and beyond that is the master bathroom.

Deep wood tones and deep gray marble tiles in the bathroom | NONAGON.style
Deep wood tones and deep gray marble tiles in the bathroom | NONAGON.style

The master bathroom is the only room in the house which doesn’t have the oak parquet flooring, but it does feature the brushed marble used in the living room. The muted tones and color palette is united throughout the home, so it feels cohesive. In here the bathtub and shower are made from aerated concrete, and covered with wood paneling.

Bathroom with gray and white palette | NONAGON.style
Library and spiral staircase in Kate's Istanbul apartment | NONAGON.style

Undoubtedly, what’s also nice about all the rooms is the selection of soft lighting. They are all from the GloBall series by Flos. They hang in pendulums and as wall fittings, really complementing the understated elegant style of the apartment.

Wide open views from Kate's Istanbul apartment | NONAGON.style

What a stunning space! I bet Kate can be found enjoying sundown with a glass of raki, up on this terrace. It’s a great perch to soak up the city sights from the sanctuary of the top floor. Such a powerful view, and lovingly furnished. A beautiful space to relax, day or night and bring fresh air into the room through its big wide doors.


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