Keep an Eye Out for These Events During Dutch Design Week 2017 |
Keep an Eye Out for These Events During Dutch Design Week 2017

Keep an Eye Out for These Events During Dutch Design Week 2017

Explore what the biggest design event in Northern Europe has to offer

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Vanessa Louie
on October 12th 2017
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Brace yourself for nine days of innovation and design in Eindhoven, the Netherlands for this year’s Dutch Design Week. Hosting more than 2,500 designers and over 200,000 guests, this year’s theme entitled “Stretch” encourages both designers and attendees to break out of their comfort zone through cutting-edge solutions and innovative ideas. Concentrating on designs of the future, Eindhoven will open its doors beginning Oct 21 to 29 inviting us to an immersive week of fascinating exhibitions, intriguing talks, and interactive workshops.


In this feature, we present six unique events to keep an eye out for, during Dutch Design Week 2017.

Kick Off Dutch Design Week with Biki90

Biki90 comes back to Eindhoven to officially open this year’s Dutch Design Week for design enthusiasts and music lovers.

Biki90 | Keep an Eye Out for These Events During Dutch Design Week 2017 |
Photo by Max Kneefel

Guaranteed to be fun a night of electronic beats and dancing, everyone will get a chance to mingle with participants and attendees both local and international. Biki90 is calling the night “Warming-Up”, and there’s no doubt that the week will be off to a good start. For more information, check out the event page here.

Design and Escape with Escabar

If you’ve never been to an escape room, here’s your chance. Anne Regelet and Esc-Room are collaborating to bring you a one-of-a-kind escape room experience this Dutch Design Week.

Escabar | Keep an Eye Out for These Events During Dutch Design Week 2017 |

Open to all ages and skill sets, the Escabar is a 30 minute underground adventure where players hunt down hidden objects, solve tricky puzzles and cryptic clues. Finishers will earn their drinks at the bar, letting you unwind after an action packed adventure. More information can be found here.

Be a Part of the Crowdfunding Dutch Design Initiative

Brought to you by the Dutch Design Foundation with crowdfunding platforms voordeKunst and Kickstarter, 12 selected Dutch designers will showcase their creations to gain support from the community.

Hugsy | Keep an Eye Out for These Events During Dutch Design Week 2017 |
Hugsy blanket

This year, expect to see innovative products such as Hugsy, a technology-driven baby blanket that records a parent’s unique heartbeat to soothe babies and provide comfort. The Hybrid Chair by Sander Lorier, which combines a dining chair and a lounge chair into one, is also another interesting piece to watch out for. You can check out the rest of the projects here.

Celebrate the Best of Dutch Design in the Dutch Design Awards

Considered the highlight of the annual design week, the Dutch Design Awards puts the spotlight on talented Dutch designers looking to gain recognition in the country and around the world.

Dutch Design Awards | Keep an Eye Out for These Events During Dutch Design Week 2017 |
Photo by Nick Bookelaar

A night of celebration awaits you on the 28th October, where the winning designs from different categories will be awarded. Feel free to join the afterparty in the Effenaar Café because there’s an entire evening program in order. Full details can be found here.

Get Crafty with Crafts Council Netherlands Workshops

Dive head first into crafting with exciting workshops organized by the Crafts Council Netherlands.

How and Wow | Keep an Eye Out for These Events During Dutch Design Week 2017 |

You can learn the tricks of the trade from knitting master Loren Karman, or send your children to special crafts classes in collaboration with Opitec Netherlands. There’s a place for everyone to get crafty this week. Read more about the workshops and masterclasses here.

Dine with Renowned Dutch Designers

With so much to see, you’re bound to get hungry. Share a sumptuous meal with designers in their studios and workshops with Sectie C’s ‘DDW Dinners’.

Sectie C's DDW Dinners |

If you were thinking intimate dinners at the saw table surrounded by welding machines and drills… you’re in luck. Sectie C promises a unique dining experience where creative chefs and food designers show visitors the similarities between product designers and food designers. Hurry before tickets sell out, you’ll find more information here.

Dine with designers at Sectie C

Tell us which event you’re excited for in the comments below. Know someone who might be interested in attending this year’s Dutch Design Week? Share this article with your friends and family!


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