A Lakeside Home That's Hard to 'Kiss Kiss' Goodbye | NONAGON.style
A Lakeside Home That’s Hard to ‘Kiss Kiss’ Goodbye

A Lakeside Home That’s Hard to ‘Kiss Kiss’ Goodbye

Kiss-Kiss House offers a relaxing vacation stay

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on June 1st 2019
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Kiss-Kiss House


When you have to yourself a secluded lakeside view such as this one, you’d better take advantage of it. The Kiss-Kiss House is perched on the shore of a remote lake in Ontario, Canada. It’s a three bedroom home that features rooms connected through a series of walkways and decks, carefully designed by Charlie Lazor from Minneapolis based architecture firm Lazor/Office.


Its name comes from the design of the structure. “At the ‘kiss line’ between two prefabricated modules, the lineal form of the house snaps like a branch held together only by bark,” describes Lazor. “The open break forms a V-shaped outdoor room facing the water.” The prefabricated buildings were brought in to the site and center around a courtyard clearing in the forest.

Kiss Kiss House overlooking Rainy Lake in Ontario, Canada | NONAGON.style
Kitchen with wide windows and dining table in Kiss-Kiss House | NONAGON.style

One of the home’s brightest design points is its floor-to-ceiling windows. Most rooms in the house have a full view over the lake, including this kitchen and dining room. Cabinets face out onto the deck, and a simple color scheme keeps views unobstructed. One of the room’s focal points — if you can tear yourself away from admiring the lake — is the thin slab of back-cut soapstone that forms the dinner table.

Walkways and decking connecting the buildings of Kiss-Kiss House | NONAGON.style

Being in a remote location, the challenge of building a cabin in such a serene spot meant the decision was taken to use prefabricated modules. The home was made off-site and shipped to location, set in place thanks to a crane. Piers driven into the bedrock create the foundation for the modular rooms, and you can see part of the rock as a design feature of the courtyard hallway that connects the rooms.


The walkway is definitely a unique feature of this home, connecting the rooms in the house. The modules at the back are more private, it’s here that the end walls angle toward the tree canopy. The dock house, garage and vegetable garden are all connected in this way.

Bathroom spa house in the Kiss-Kiss House, Canada | NONAGON.style

A spa and bathroom area is decked out completely in  polished teak wood in the master bedroom, providing a sanctuary of relaxation.

Sauna and bathtub in the bathroom of Canada lake house, Kiss-Kiss House | NONAGON.style
Outdoor deck view of Kiss Kiss House | NONAGON.style
Living room area with fireplace design and purple rug | NONAGON.style
Kiss-Kiss House bedroom with lake full height to ceiling window | NONAGON.style
Bathroom window view from lake home in Canada | NONAGON.style
Lakeside home in Ontario, Canada, designed by Lazor Office | NONAGON.style
Kiss-Kiss House cabin designed by Lazor Office | NONAGON.style

In this image you can see where the bedrock was drilled into, placing the modular rooms above the land on pier and beam foundations. This makes it a perfect space in the unlikely event of lake flooding or heavy rainfall.

Exterior wooden cladding for lakeside cabin Kiss-Kiss House | NONAGON.style
Bench space and sauna area in bathroom of lakeside house | NONAGON.style
Wood prefabricated home and deck space at the Kiss-Kiss House, Canada | NONAGON.style

With the home built precisely for views and a retreat from the city, it scores on all points making it hard to kiss goodbye at the end of vacation!


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