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Kitchen Trends That Never Go out of Style

Kitchen Trends That Never Go out of Style

Mary Garden
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Mary Garden
on April 9th 2020
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It would seem that fashion and modern kitchen have in common. If someone believes that these concepts are incompatible, he is mistaken.


We tried to figure out what today is called the definition of all-time kitchen design. You do not need to be an expert to understand it all is like in ordinary everyday life – functionality, efficiency, neatness, and elegance. And before you begin organizing your kitchen, it is essential to know what features of the arrangement you should pay attention to.

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Set moodier tone

Instead of a bright optical white color, consider creating a kitchen environment with an attractive and unexpected color that creates a richer and more sophisticated look. Think about adding a sense of increased energy with colors that evoke emotions and a positive attitude.


All matte

Who doesn’t like the spotty shade of a matte finish? And, fortunately for all of us, we noticed that showrooms again filled with matte mahogany kitchen ensembles and appliances that are always attractive. It is ultimately much easier to keep matt facades clean that won’t go out of style soon thanks to their eternal charm.


Dark kitchens

The opposite of white – black and dark kitchens, no doubt they will quickly add an elegant sense of drama to the design. Dark furniture in any home becomes a highlight; it is easy to make such furniture an elegant alternative to standard kitchens.

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Loft Motives

Since times require clean, symmetrical straight lines, we see that industrial motifs are used as an easy move to make it close to industrial style. They are everywhere: in contrasting black color of countertops, edging of doors, and cabinets. Loft motives are very popular in different countries according to some personal travel blogs.


Spanish and Moroccan tiles

Add an exotic note to your kitchen decor with intricate patterned Spanish and Moroccan tiles on the kitchen apron (backsplashes) for a much more significant visual impact, unlike the subway style tiles.


Mix and match

Be courageous with unexpected combinations of bright furniture and a patterned floor to create an unforgettable contrasting exclusive mix. Pay attention to expressive kitchen furniture with the ability to experiment with combinations of textures and colors that add a sense of play to space.


Terrazzo cladding

Popular in the 50s and 60s and revived in the 1980s, Terrazzo’s surface casting business returned to the 21st century, as modern interior design from the middle of the last century is still the most demanded design style. In addition, Terrazzo surfaces give a playful character to even the smallest kitchens.

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Minimal furnishings

For a modern house of all times, a minimalist atmosphere with clean paints, simple cladding materials, without heavy metals, casting, and dark tones is more acceptable. Pay attention to timeless straight lines in the extremely minimal kitchen setting.


An island without a hood

Single-level islands do not block light, increase the space of the work surface, and create unhindered communication with guests during cooking. What can not be said about the islands with a built-in sink, stove, and high hood?



Although we have seen that various materials for countertops come and go, the popularity of shiny quartz countertops still does not go out of style. It remains one of the most frequently requested materials for surfaces and not without reason. You should avoid excessive heating of the plane since hot pans can damage the material.


Decoration lamp

Hanging lamps are high for the kitchen-dining room, in which guests are welcomed. The arrangement of such low-hanging lamps above a table will add light and privacy to the room. Lamps will create an intimate, friendly atmosphere.


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