7 Snazzy Interiors Inspired by La La Land | NONAGON.style
7 Snazzy Interiors Inspired by La La Land

7 Snazzy Interiors Inspired by La La Land

Recreate the City of Stars into your very own space

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on February 8th 2017
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.

If you have fallen in love with the style and pizzazz of La La Land, you’re not alone. From the enriched pastels to Old Hollywood pastiche, we have a few tips for the ones who dream of recreating their own La La Land interiors.

1. Hollywood Glamour

For a movie set in the world of showbiz, it’s not surprising that this City of Stars features so many Hollywood stars!

For a movie set in the world of showbiz, it’s not surprising that this City of Stars features so many Hollywood stars! At the coffee shop on the Warner Bros. lot there are unending reminders that dreams do come true with posters of those who made it.
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At the coffee shop on the Warner Bros. lot there are unending reminders that dreams do come true with posters of those who made it. Behind the bar is a black and white portrait of the gorgeous and iconic Rita Hayworth eating a snack fresh from the oven.

Old Hollywood glamour interiors | NONAGON.style
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If you too want to recreate the look, black and white portraits of iconic celebrities instantly bring Old Hollywood glamour into your space. Pair them with a monochrome palette to exude drama and sophistication, easily replicating the luxurious lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Old Hollywood vintage poster in the bedroom | NONAGON.style
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If you prefer lively colors, seek out these gorgeously hued vintage posters instead. With a huge nod to the Casablanca elements of La La Land, Ingrid Bergman is one of Mia’s strongest influences. So it is fitting and delightful that production and set designer David Wasco chose this striking over-sized Bergman poster for Mia’s bedroom. Dreams make our life, and space, more colorful after all.

Audrey Hepburn vintage poster home decor | NONAGON.style
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Luckily for us reproduction vintage posters are readily available these days, ranging from pop art to comic book covers, and French films with sassy dresses. Frame them and hang on your walls for a burst of color. We especially like this poster with the delightful Audrey Hepburn. The feminine pastel pink and yellow combination brighten light walls and bring out the intensity of decorative florals.

2. Bring On the Blue

Upbeat primary colors rule in the opening scenes of La La Land.

La La Land - Mia's Apartment | NONAGON.style
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Because we’re all about bright, cheery colors this year, there’s no going wrong with light blue walls. Said to be the color of creativity and serenity, this light blue shade is the perfect backdrop for creative success in all forms.

Blue brick walls | NONAGON.style
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There’s no denying the calming effect of this shade of blue, keeping you floating on air all day long. Ideal for the living room, it draws in sunlight from the windows and makes the room feel larger.

3. Go Green

Notice the lovely green tiles in the bathroom. Not only is greenery the Pantone Color of the Year, it’s also a wonderful way to bring in freshness.

La La Land - Mia's Green Bathroom | NONAGON.style
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Green also brings a calming and natural energy to small bathrooms. Hailing from the Art Deco movement, the pink and green combo suggests summer all year round.

Green and pink bathroom | NONAGON.style
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Also a plus: anything that reminds us of fresh watermelons is always delightful. We’re loving the use of black and white tiles to divide both colors yet blend them together.

Light green subway tiles in the bathroom | NONAGON.style
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Prefer a modern bathroom? Varying shades of light green work well to give the space depth and dimension. It reminds us of a sea green canvas painted with watercolors cascading down the tiles.

4. City of Stars

City of Stars, are you shining down for me?

7 Interiors Inspired by La La Land | NONAGON.style
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We can lie down outside for stargazing, or begin illuminating our interiors with our personal sky of stars.

Stars wallpaper | NONAGON.style
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Start stargazing with this Starry Night wallpaper by Murals Wallpaper. We love the specks of gold and silver stars over the deep blue shades. Pairs beautifully with neutral furniture.

Starry night pillow | NONAGON.style
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A wallpaper filled with stars a tad overwhelming? Opt for these magnificent night sky cushion covers from Etsy store MG Mills. You’ll be dozing off to dreamland in style.

5. Keep It Rich in Red

Take cue from the iconic Realto Theatre.

Mia and Seb meet at the Rialto Theatre | NONAGON.style
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There are classic shapes and silhouettes at the Rialto Theatre. Though the theater has been closed since 2010, you can still recreate the luxury and drama of a cinema screening experience right at home with some velvety red.

Velvet red seats and monochrome artwork in the dining room | NONAGON.style
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This 1960’s bungalow oozes retro style with its vintage table set and soft cantilevered chairs. The rich red chairs keep the room bold and classy, particularly when placed next to a wall sized portrait of flowers.

Velvet armchair | NONAGON.style
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A dusty rose velvet armchair is also a great way to add that burst of color against dark interiors, while toning it down a step from the bright reds. The Peggy is a lovely piece for your cozy reading nook, with a slight recline for a peaceful afternoon nap.

6. Turn Up the Jazz

Sebastian’s passion for jazz was apparent from the beginning, and it’s at Hermosa Beach’s Lighthouse Cafe that we see how truly in love he is with his craft.

La La Land - Lighthouse Cafe | NONAGON.style
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La La Land - Lighthouse Cafe | NONAGON.style
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Set in the relaxing ambiance and interiors of the cafe, the vibrancy and tonality of jazz music is all the more amplified.

Brick walls in the dining room | NONAGON.style
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Open brick walls can be used in contemporary spaces. We love the dining room in this Wielicka Apartment, specially designed to make the owner feel more at home. Blending with the white window trims leading out to the balcony, the brick walls give the space a touch of warmth while ensuring that the room feels spacious and open.

Bistro chair | NONAGON.style
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Hailed as one of the most iconic chairs in history, the Bistro chair makes a charming appearance in La La Land. Wonderfully offsetting the dark interiors of Lighthouse Cafe, the quaint chair is an irresistible option for those who want simple chic.

Vintage piano stool | NONAGON.style
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Head to the flea market or antique stores to find your own vintage finds. Alternatively, for those of us that like traditional furniture, but can’t get hold of the originals in the modern world, we can find a lot of replicas of vintage shapes. Vintage style pieces help to keep your living spaces intriguing.

7. Dazzle with Lights

You can’t miss out on John Legend’s appearance as Keith, the lead singer of The Messengers seen here below their neon logo.

La La Land - The Messengers | NONAGON.style
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Popular since the 1920s, New York was home to some of the most famous neon signs lighting up Broadway. These days you may see less neon on the streets, but what about bringing neon indoors?

Neon lights in the living room | NONAGON.style
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A fun alternative to traditional lamps, this Hollywood inspired apartment in Manhattan used custom Seletti neon lettering, giving the living room that extra quirk.

Cloud shaped neon lights | NONAGON.style
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If dazzling neon lettering is not your cup of tea, why not try out neon shapes? The neon cloud is uplifting alongside the romantic floral walls and makes sure you never have gray days looming over you.


Did you catch the La La Land bug? Have you booked in your tap dance classes yet? Let us know how you have been inspired by La La Land in the comments below.


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