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Book-Lined Retail Complex Designed to Stimulate Your Sensorial Experience

Book-Lined Retail Complex Designed to Stimulate Your Sensorial Experience

A whole new narrative for shopping mall

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on August 18th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

Converge Interior Design turned a roughcast concrete architectural structure located in an industrial district in the northern suburbs of Xi’an, China that had been laid dormant for more than three years, into a book-themed commercial complex featuring art, culture and lifestyle aesthetics.

The complex measures 3,6000 square meters, and comprise a mix of cultural and commercial space. With the core theme of “book” running through the entire space, it all embedded two 18m-high and 240m-long artistic book walls of the open hall space with books.

Multi-Sensory Experience

Lafonce Maxone: North view of 1F’s void area, the interior space of the bookstore-themed commercial complex is long and narrow and features the four-storey-high daylighting void area |

A walk through the mall is invigorating due to the constant integration of five sense modalities which directs and strengthens our attentional and existential experience to wider realms. As we can see, a smooth circulation with a sense of formality has been highlighted by the slender, long south-north existing volume with a large, four-storey central space flooded with daylight through an opening in the structure’s roof, with a view to creating a strong experiential sense of space.

Connected by a sinuous roof, the four-storey-high illuminated atrium is designed to appeal to all senses while improving a smooth circulation with a sense of formality and rituality.

Book-themed Complex

Lafonce Maxone: West view of the third floor void area |

Few things are more enjoyable than whiling away the afternoon in a captivating bookstore, flipping through the best sellers in the literary heavens. Here, the complex’s commercial-meets-cultural concept is reflected in the interior design, which the designers are inspired by a “book” theme. Hence, the focal point of this project is to leverage the bookstore and to turn the shopping mall into an integrated hall of knowledge with multiple business forms combining culture and shopping in every sense. Constructed with steel structures and transparent glass, the striking book wall stretches from south to north with a height of 18m and a total length of 240m ranking top in China, assuring the spread of natural light to extend across the four floors of the mall.

The mixed-use complex of restaurants, cafe, bookstore, pedestrian walkways, gardens and more features unparalleled vertical accessibility with walkable void areas, via the “culture and commerce” strategy.

Lafonce Maxone: Reception |

Alongside books, the retail complex incorporating other lifestyle elements forms a perfect commercial backdrop suffused with the ambience of culture to attract the participation of more retailers and consumers.

Lafonce Maxone: Kids’ book area on 3F with the wooden bookshelves |

What do you think of this book-themed commercial complex?


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