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This Lake Tahoe Home Brings Modern Minimalism to the Wilderness

This Lake Tahoe Home Brings Modern Minimalism to the Wilderness

The perfect escape from a busy city life.

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on February 2nd 2017
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Located near Lake Tahoe, this American home benefits from mesmerizing surroundings. Outside, the valley is filled with endless alpine trees and a majestic lake. You might imagine the houses to be rustic, but this Lake Tahoe home breaks away from oak furniture and rural charm, standing out as a shining example of modern minimalism in the wilderness.

Minimalist Living Room of a Lake Tahoe Home |

The owners of this beautiful Lake Tahoe home are world travelers and own other properties across the globe. They wanted their new home to represent their minimal tastes, while also being similar in style to their other houses to help transition seamlessly from one to another.


The designers focused on creating a contemporary modern home with white spaces and no frills, at the homeowners’ request. The design also brings in the beauty of the wild outdoors through panoramic windows, which is both relaxing and inspiring.

Minimalist living area of a Lake Tahoe home |

The interiors are modest but with a strong personality. The Spanish limestone floors spread through the Lake Tahoe home with uninterrupted flow. Adding to that fluidity is the way that the walls seem to have grown out of the floors. To achieve this look, the designers have created recessed spaces instead of traditional moldings between the floor and the walls.

Open-plan minimalist kitchen in a Lake Tahoe home |

All the staircases have been fitted with trimless glass railings to ensure unobstructed views from every corner of this Lake Tahoe home. The varnished wooden beams and step edges create a stark color contrast that helps define the room.

While the corner windows look out to a mighty view of the pine trees, a suspended drop ceiling in the kitchen creates an intimate space. An informal dining corner at the kitchen island is perfect for a quick bite. The black bar chairs add a nice contrast to the all-white kitchen.

Minimalist dining area with wooden accents in a Lake Tahoe Home |

Blending formal and informal spaces together, the ground level opens up to decks either side, creating various nooks and corners for enjoying the outdoor views of nearby Truckee River.


Continuing the minimal decor theme, a delicate looking chandelier graces the dining area. It looks like droplets of light floating near the ceiling. In the living room, the designer has used a similar chandelier. The Aspen Leaf Interiors designers explained that these chandeliers were chosen specifically for their powerful presence and transparency.

Minimalist bedroom in a Lake Tahoe Home |
Minimalist bedroom with TV and media unit in a Lake Tahoe Home |

The decor in the bedrooms is similar to the rest of the house. Every room has gorgeous views of the greenery outside, while mahogany panels and cabinets are also a common feature indoors. All the cabinets were carved out of a single type of tree for consistency in design. For entertainment, every room is fitted with a small TV and media unit.

White minimalist children's bedroom in a Lake Tahoe Home |

The children’s bedroom is slightly different in design, with a funky bunk bed and ladder.

Minimalist bathroom in a Lake Tahoe Home |
Minimalist bathroom with glass accents in a Lake Tahoe Home |

The bathrooms also align in style with the rest of the house. An interesting feature continues to be that visual connection with the outdoors.

Custom Massage Room in a Lake Tahoe Home |
Sauna Room of a Lake Tahoe Home |

Unique features of this house include a custom massage room and sauna built from aspen wood. It’s the perfect place to relax and detox; with an inspiring setting and glazed windows out to the main deck, the space looks so peaceful and makes for a wonderful place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The location provided both restrictions and opportunities for the design and construction of this home. The end result, however, is faultless. The design respects its surroundings, allowing the vistas to become the main decor elements of the house.


Outdoor exterior of a Lake Tahoe home |

Lake Tahoe has pockets of hot springs, and the house has been adapted to tap into that geothermal energy from underground. As a sustainable form of energy with low environmental impact, it makes this eco-friendly home even more attractive.


The homeowners love their Lake Tahoe home so much that they have already appointed the designers to work on their next home project. On the outside, the house looks like a regular valley home, embracing the rustic layout of the region. However, it’s sleek, sophisticated and minimalist crystal clear styling makes this a truly shining and unique find.


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