Looking for the Latest Sofa Designs in 2018? | NONAGON.style
Looking for the Latest Sofa Designs in 2018?

Looking for the Latest Sofa Designs in 2018?

Our favorites for sofa design's latest trends

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on February 3rd 2018
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You’re getting a new sofa, and you want to be ahead of the trends to come. So it makes sense to get the latest in sofa designs, so your living room isn’t feeling dated before the year is out.

Doubling Up as Daybed

DHP futon sofa bed in blue with chrome legs | NONAGON.style
Stylish settee (external link)

Space is a premium, so it’s no surprise that furniture that doubles up with dual purpose is a fantastic idea. A futon sofa is one of those pieces that converts from daytime to snooze-city easily. This one is pretty cool because of its splitback feature, so you can adjust the angle. Super versatile and available in other fabrics.


Click here to find out more about the DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed (external link).

Plush on Top, Light Down Below

Purple cushions in the grey living room, Divano Roma collection | NONAGON.style

In small apartments, avoid a big and bulky sofa by picking one with thin legs. This tufted sofa is plush in the right places making it physically inviting and visually attractive. The picture above shows what it would be like in a purple, seeing as 2018 is all about the Ultra Violet but softer tones in gray or blue are usually better for sofas with a lot of traffic.


Find out more about the Divano Roma Tufted Sofa here (external link).

Designed for Small Spaces

Small sofa is sectional and modular with an ottoman section, in gray fabric | NONAGON.style
Modular couch for small spaces | NONAGON.style

We’re not all living in the penthouse suite, so it’s good to know there are sofas designed for small spaces. Ensure before getting your sofa that it will fit your space! You wouldn’t be the first to get that sofa delivered up five flights of stairs, only to realize it’s an inch too big for the room. Fortunately there are sofas out there of all sizes, so there’s definitely one out there for you too.


Click here to shop the NHI Express Alexandra Convertible (external link).

Contemporary Meets Mid-Century Modern

Leather sofa design with mid-century-modern type legs from Modway | NONAGON.style
Sofa design with mid-century-modern type legs from Modway | NONAGON.style

This Lawson-meets-mid-century style of sofa has the modern comforts of styled sofa back with low arms, and the mid-century modern frame look with its cherry-colored wood frame. Cute as a sofa or a loveseat. Then splash out on your favorite iconic armchair.


Browse the shop for this Modway sofa (external link).

Oversized Armchair or Tea-for-Two Loveseat?

Loveseat for small apartment | NONAGON.style

Loveseats aren’t only for Valentine’s Day. The argument for a loveseat is two-fold. On the one hand you’re saving space for sofas, by getting something snug and cozy, and on the other you’re getting a large armchair that you can safely snuggle up with for yourself. Done, get me one of these, please.


Check it out on Amazon: Rivet’s Hawthorne Tufted Settee (external link).

Still looking for more? Our guide to these 11 Types of Sofa can help steer you between Cabrioles and Chesterfields to find the sofa of your dreams. Or maybe you want to find something more iconic? Take a tour through our NONAGON.style gallery and see what takes your fancy!


Think we missed something out? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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