These Clip-on Mini Lamps for iPhones are Adorable |
These Clip-On Mini Lamps for iPhones are Adorable

These Clip-On Mini Lamps for iPhones are Adorable

Let there be tiny light

Written by –
Indra Wangu
on May 21st 2016
She's got the traveling bug! From the northern plains of India, she's lived in bustling Hong Kong and finally made her way to Austin. Between yoga, a passion for photography and a love for cooking her way through Pinterest, Indra loves to write.

Nazzareno Ruspolini

Clip-on mini lamps for iPhone |

We all have those apps on our phone we rarely use, or never even notice. Flashlight is one of those for most of us. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a useful feature, but it’s not one I use every day. That is until I got myself one of these 3D printed clip-on mini lamps.


Italian designer Nazzareno Ruspolini designed these adorable mini lamps, named ibat-Jour. It’s a playful take on the Italian word for lampshade abat-jour. The mini lamps come in four different styles that clip on over your iPhone to soften the otherwise blinding beam of its flashlight.


It got me to thinking of some of the situations when this portable mini lamp could come in handy.


Adorable 3D Printed Clip-On Mini Lamp for iPhone |

Date Night

Make your date nights special. These mini lamps are definitely better than candles on the dinner table, especially during summers.


3D printed clip-on mini lamp for iPhone |

Night Light

Parents can use it for story time with kids. The light is bright enough and sets the perfect mood for bedtime. As your kids are drifting to sleep, you can make a quiet exit.

Clip-on mini lamp for iPhone |

Gossip Girl

Girlfriends can use the cute little lamp for those late night chit-chats.


I would love to draw my own colors and patterns on top, what about you? When do you think you would use these mini lamps?


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