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7 Design Hacks for a Stylish and Discreet Litter Box

7 Design Hacks for a Stylish and Discreet Litter Box

Yes, even a litter box can be stylish

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on November 25th 2018
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The idea of having a beautiful home is all well and good, until you factor in the cats. Durability (read scratch-proof) is key, and while the quality and design of pet-friendly furniture has improved, there’s still one aspect of cat ownership that we can’t quite reconcile with style: the litter box. Luckily, we have our friends over at Tuft + Paw to help with that. As cat furniture experts, they’ve got some pretty unique and creative litter box hacks. We’ll leave it to them to tell you more!

Litter Box Hacks: Stylish cat-friendly furniture from Tuft + Paw |
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7 Litter Box Hacks

The Bench

Ideal For: The Hallway

For smaller living spaces, the front hallway may be one of the only options to keep the litter box. Here, an enclosed rectangular litter box made with a manufactured wood could easily double as a hallway bench.

Litter Box Hacks: Discreet and stylish litter box and bench in chic black |
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Simply place a cushion or two on top of it and position the opening away from the door. Your guests will never suspect that it is anything other than an attractive hallway bench to sit on when removing their shoes!

The Hamper

Ideal For: The Laundry Room

The laundry room may be an ideal place for the litter box if it’s somewhere the cat can always access.  For this space, there are a couple of litter box hacks that could work.

Litter Box Hacks: Conceal the litter box in a stylish wicker laundry hamper |
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For instance, you could take a low, rectangular wicker hamper with a machine-washable cotton liner and place the litter tray inside. The cotton lining will catch litter tracking and can be washed with each litter change. Alternatively, opt for a lidded wicker hamper and cut a hole in the back for your cat to get in and out. This will visually conceal the litter while also working to contain any odors. 

The Sink Skirt

Ideal For: The Bathroom or Kitchen

If you have a wide pedestal sink, you can easily construct an attractive machine-washable skirt with fabric, Velcro tape, and a sewing machine.

Litter Box Hacks: Use a chic and simple sink skirt to conceal the litter box from view |
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Cut the fabric to the right length, then gather and sew the material along the top to create pleats. Run the Velcro tape along the underside of the sink and along the edge of the fabric, then attach. A DIY skirt not only dresses up your sink, adding a splash of color along the way; it can also very conveniently hide a litter box, providing your cat with a private but well-ventilated area to do their business.

The Accent Table

Ideal For: The Living Room

A wooden accent table with a storage cabinet is an easy way to hide a litter box. Just cut a hole in the side for your cat to get in and out. 

Litter Box Hacks: Stylish Scandinavian-inspired wood table with concealed litter box by Tuft + Paw |
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Place it on a machine-washable runner to help prevent litter tracking. To change the litter, you need only to open the cupboard doors for easy access to the tray.

The Floor Planter

Ideal For: Any Corner Space

A floor planter is a great way to conceal a litter box just about anywhere in the home. And who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to add more greenery into their space? 

Litter Box Hacks: DIY wood cat tipi with bohemian cactus detail and straw basket planter |
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You can DIY a litter box planter by cutting a hole in a plastic terracotta pot and placing a circular litter tray inside. Alongside the litter tray, place a smaller, shallower pot filled with preserved moss. Top it off with a realistic-looking faux plant (we’d recommended using a fake plant to prevent your cat from turning their litter box decor into lunch!). Turn the hole towards the corner and no one will ever guess that your attractive planter conceals a litter box.

The Drawer

Ideal For: The Home Office

In the event that your home office needs to double as your cat’s space to do business, a drawer litter box is a great option that utilizes minimal space while keeping your work environment looking professional.

Litter Box Hacks: Bright white Scandi home office with cat and jungalow plant details |
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An attractive filing cabinet with three drawers can easily house a litter box. Keep the tray in the largest, bottom drawer, then remove the middle drawer and replace with a shorter piece of matching wood. This will act as an aesthetic cover for the litter box whilst also giving your cat a wide ledge for climbing in and out. 

The Closet

Ideal For: Any Fitted Closet

If you have a spare closet to dedicate to your feline, a logical option would be to keep the litter box here.

Litter Box Hacks: Indoor cat flaps and cubby holes in a contemporary modern apartment |
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Install a stylish pet opening in the door so that your cat can travel in and out without you needing to leave the closet open.

What do you think of these stylish litter box hacks?


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