Living Rooms That Don’t All Point to the Television
Living Rooms That Don’t All Point to the Television

Living Rooms That Don’t All Point to the Television

Because sometimes it's good to take a break from the box

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on September 20th 2016
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Is your home a techy dream? Or a screen free zone? Many of us are eschewing television sets and opting to stream on our laptops and tablets, or skip the whole process all together in favor of higher productivity rates. Traditional television viewership is on the decline, so how are our modern homes matching this trend?

If you have tried to style your living room to find a way that doesn’t all point towards the TV, you’re certainly not alone. How do you like to position your chairs so that they’re set up for entertaining? Or maybe you can reclaim your room, and find yourself a new focal point. Decide what activities you want to make your living room most suitable for.


I find that having a home without a television makes it much more freeing to move the furniture around and get a different set up, which is great for when things need a bit of a change, spring clean or to make best use of the sunlight at different times of the year.


So here are a few ideas for making your living room feel just as cozy but without the blaring idiot box staring back at you from the corner of the room.

Hang Out

Brazilian living room with art on the walls
image source

This gorgeous room is full of plenty of other things that draw the eye, including this wall art full of doodles, prints, paintings and well curated ephemera. The color palette matches the room around it, even to the doggy! So what’s in the rest of the room? Well, the answer is more seating.

Hammock in the living room, Brazilian home |
image source

The hammock is a lovely alternative to traditional seating and this particular one looks gorgeous. Along the other wall is another bench, which not only works as a place for you to sit when friends are over but double as a table for nick knacks and the vinyl player.

Brazilian living room has laid back vibes |
image source
Brazilian living room features a hammock |
image source

The room has been rearranged so that it faces inwards, with different kinds of seating around the edges. There are plenty of things to look at from all angles, especially the green space out the window! I think it’s a great idea to give yourself more views and seating angles around the room.

Fireplace in Place

Turquoise sofa helps frame this gorgeous fireplace, with eclectic mix of art and decor |

Long windows bring in some light to this room, which gives its attention to the wood burning fireplace and the gorgeous paper sculpture that hangs over the top. Who needs a TV when you have other things to look at?

Gorgeous living room with eclectic mix of art and decor |

The furniture once again all circles to face into the middle, to make conversation easy. Pick your favorite pieces of furniture, so that you have more options for places to sit where you please.

Coastal Cool

Contemporary living room without the TV |
image source

Take a break and feel relaxed. The furniture is laid back and coastal; think about pulling back from the day to day and relaxing with a good book.

Contemporary coastal living room without the TV |
image source
Calm living room interiors |
image source

Putting in Plants

Minimalist zen living room immerses you in nature |
image source

Who decided a living room has to have a TV anyway? You get to define what the living space is, and what it means to you. This room has a low table in the middle of a set of chairs. It feels like a zen zone, the room functioning as a place to sit and relax, to play chess and to keep warm by the stove. You define what your activities are, so don’t feel constrained. You can include the things you want to use. For example, maybe you love to scrap book or you need a place to practice your calligraphy, in which case it would make sense for you to have a table area in your living room and a place where you can store all your materials.

Low Slung

Relaxing living room with wooden beams |
image source

An example of low slung coffee table and enough seating for a schoolroom. Whereas other rooms have chosen to focus on the fireplace, this room has kept one of the edges open to improve the entry and flow into the seating circle. It’s great for moving from relaxing to eating, perfect for entertaining.

Country Retreat

English country living room with open beams and leather armchair |
image source

This cottage style home has a great mix of leather, pattern and other soft furnishing pieces to make the room feel homey. The sofas and armchairs are once again facing inwards, to allow for more conversation with the family.

Scandinavian style thatched cottage in Cornwall |
image source

This 17th century cottage in Cornwall is and English rustic dream, and yet blends together Scandinavian warmth. Low ceilings and open beams, are just some of its arresting architectural features that detract from needing a TV in the living room.

Rustic cabin in Idaho |
image source

No need for a TV in the cabin, with a view like this! When you’re out in the wild, put those TV shows to the back of your mind and create your own adventure. It’s great to take telly-free design ideas for your living room space by looking for these rural country retreats. Focus your view on the window and watch the world go by instead!

Living Luxuriously

17th century château features large scale photographs on the walls |
image source

Loving this terrazzo flooring and the large scale photographs that adorn this living room. Allow your favorite art to be the conversation starter.

Living room belonging to jewelry designer Kara Ross |
image source

Reclaim the Room

Largely a room will need a different layout depending on the shape, size and space available. But take a look at your living room and what activities you use it for, reclaim the room! If you mostly use it for large gatherings bring the chairs towards each other, with many places to sit. For those to whom it’s important to have the right light for reading, make sure your armchair goes in the right spot for the best line of sight and a view of the bookcase. In winter you might prefer to be closer to the fireplace, while in summer you might favor looking out of the window.

We’d love to know how you style your screen-free living rooms. Let us know in the comments below how you made your room feel complete, even without a television.


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