Concrete Floors But No Concrete Plans |
Concrete Floors But No Concrete Plans

Concrete Floors But No Concrete Plans

Creative freedom allowed for playful design concepts in this loft

Isobel McKenzie
Written by –
Isobel McKenzie
on February 10th 2017
Originally from London, Isobel is enthralled by the curves and lines that make up a city. It's fascinating to see how modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks muddle together. Her Instagram feed @Isobel_McKenzie is usually full of spiral staircases and tall buildings. Can also be found on Twitter.. sometimes.

Loftas Kaune


How much do you decide about what you want from your new home before a renovation takes place? How do you strike a balance between getting what you’re looking for and allowing designers and architects to tap into their experience and knowledge to bring you something exciting you might not have initially imagined?



With an open mind and carefree attitude, the homeowners of this apartment had only this one requirement for their home renovation: concrete floors. All other technical issues and design styling was left at the designers’ discretion giving them as much freedom as possible. Handing over creative freedom in this way allowed the owners to see the full potential of their space, and we reckon it looks fantastic, check it out.

Hanging lights above the dining table |

Working from the bottom up, the designers knew concrete would be a huge part of the design. What that lends itself to is a chic industrial style of interiors, complete with mixed materials of metals, brick and concrete. The space is balanced between heavy solids and barely there minimal furniture. This balance of contrast is striking!

Hanging lights above the dining table |

The dining room table is once again a blend of warmth and industrial. The rounded edges speak of intimacy and group connectivity but are offset by the mechanical adjustments and iron components, evocative of machinery workshops and yet finished with a cheerful polished wood surface.

Slouch chair and minimal furnishings in this industrial apartment |
Industrial chic apartment with sleek minimal furniture |

You’ll notice the lighting makes itself present in this home, with string lights drawing your eyes to the steel beams, track lighting is etched into a geometric spiral on the ceiling, and the chandelier fizzes with fibrous connectivity.

Hanging lights above dining table in minimalist industrial chic open plan home |
Minimal dark interiors for open plan kitchen |

Swathed in black cabinetry the kitchen is sophisticated and befitting its sleek loft style. While on the one hand we notice it’s one of the few kitchens we’ve seen recently that doesn’t feature a kitchen island, there still remains plenty of counter space. The sliding pull out above the hob is cool, giving the brick interface a chance to peep through and some extra space for storage.

Home interiors featuring industrial chic minimal designs |

In this industrial style setting, the fireplace is dainty and flickers almost futuristically in the heart of the home.

Industrial chic in the hallway with hanging lights |

Corridors and stairwells can quite quickly become dark given their many corners and angles. But inset lighting along the handrail, and exposed bulbs through the central spine of the stairwell allow us to see the hall in a new light. The stairs themselves are open risers, built with only the horizontal treads. This is one other way to open up the space to more light.

Hanging lights in the corridor |

The balustrades themselves are also designed with this in mind. Small holes allow light to pass through from many angles.

Herringbone wood pattern behind the bed featuring warm wooden tones |

The owners of this house are a young family, and while downstairs may feature a predominantly darker color scheme, the private areas are for family time and exude warmth and coziness.

Bedroom featuring warm wooden tones |

Vines and lights hang from the ceiling, creating a dreamy and carefree setting. How do you feel about the oversized bed? It matches closely with the material and fabric found in the living room, lending a conscious thought towards continuity throughout the house. Furniture without legs can give a relaxed look, and this bed is plump and welcoming.

Bedroom featuring warm wooden tones |

Do you make space for plants in the bedroom? As well as vines, there are palms, creating a fresh feel to the look.

Industrial chic contemporary bathroom |

The bathroom is gorgeous! There are so many striking elements and shapes in here, such as that zig zag towel rack, the gradients between walls, floors and ceilings, and that playful interaction between solids and hollow spaces.

Hanging globe chandelier in the bathroom |
Round bathtub and shower cubicle |

We may have seen a rise in the number of steel frames and windows in the bathroom, and it’s one trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. What’s really astonishing though is the wooden paneling in the shower, where usually you could often see large tiles or concrete. In this bathroom it’s the inverse, and creates quite an eye-catching element.

Charming bathroom with geometric radiator detailing |
Round bathtub and hanging globe chandelier |
Charming bathroom with geometric radiator detailing |

When you’re next piecing together your home project, how much do you look for inspiration and ideas from others? The creative freedom given to this house has opened the space up to some fascinating features and playful fittings. All the rooms are interesting and have a memorable and noteworthy style.


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