Lofts and Tiny Homes on – A Year in Review |
Lofts and Tiny Homes on – A Year in Review

Lofts and Tiny Homes on – A Year in Review

These small homes have big ideas

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on December 30th 2016
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With austerity still in motion, the trend for beauty in minimalism and downsizing has evolved into a popular lifestyle choice. Studio apartments and lofts allow working professionals to live in the city, and create a suitable backdrop for the hum of busy life. The ever-shrinking size of apartments in metropolitan areas also pushed forward the trend for open plan living by breaking down the walls and blending the function of rooms together.


Today, smaller homes can create that balance between personal style and the reality of what one needs from their space. Here are some of the best lofts and tiny apartments we featured in 2016.

Taipei living room is neat and tidy |

This tiny apartment in Taipei has multipurpose spaces designed to accommodate all the necessary needs of a normal sized home. The tatami style sofa fitted in the alcove frees up the rest of the living room to make the area feel more open and spacious. The sleek side tables pushed against the wall can also double up to form a dining table.

Table can be pushed aside or together to make a dining table |

The low height bedroom also includes a small study area. The kitchen and bathroom are fitted with all the necessary appliances. All this is in a mere 22 square meter space.

Staircase added to apartment to make a double floor apartment |
Shoreditch loft apartment features neutral colors for contemporary simple styling |

This minimal home with a soft color palette shows us that bachelor pads don’t always have to be clad in leather and sports memorabilia. Smooth textiles and overdyed rugs give the room a gentle nudge towards comfort and style, but the whitewashed brick walls and darker blinds make sure to keep the room from being too frilly.

Classy loft apartment in London's Shoreditch |

A lot of custom made furnishings were used in this apartment. All the kitchen cabinets were designed especially to fit into this space. The original staircase was replaced with a bespoke steel structure and glass balustrade.

Sleek staircase in Shoreditch apartment |
Bedroom has hidden closet curtain |
Visual delight of the Loft apartment |

This Scandinavian-inspired loft apartment has some interesting features. Firstly, the full wall windows in the living area bring in tons of natural light, making the apartment seem bigger. The warm woodwork and minimal decor complement each other and a simple layout allows for easy access to different parts of the apartment.


Every inch of this loft has been optimally utilized. The area under the stairs was converted into storage space and the uneven wall in the kitchen gave way to an interesting cabinet design.

Wooden furnishing adds some warm to this Loft apartment |

The most exciting feature of this apartment is the custom designed headboard in the bedroom. The slatted wood is simply stunning, contrasting against the plain walls and cement clad ceiling. These wooden panels also double up as lighting fixtures. Overall, this loft apartment gives us some serious design goals.

Eye catching wooden panel in the loft apartment |
Beautiful used of colors in this Loft apartment's kitchen |
Minimalist home meets wood flooring |

This studio apartment is owned by Karol Ciepliński of the architectural firm Blackhaus. Intended as a holiday home, or to let out to tourists, the idea was to create striking interiors with attention to detail. The all-white decor makes this 27 square meter home look more expansive and bright. The vintage-looking chair adds a rustic charm to the Scandinavian style interiors.


White, gray and oak wood tones dominate the overall decor. All the home essentials are fitted in cabinets to keep the apartment clutter free. The best feature of this apartment, however, is the bathroom. A recreation of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring adorns the ceiling and the overall black interiors make the bathroom look even more classy. It’s definitely the showstopper in this tiny home, and probably one of the favorite bathrooms we’ve seen this year.

Small space creates a very cozy minimalist home |
Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring in a minimalist home bathroom |
Stylish industrial-chic loft apartment with open plan living arrangement |
Living room from 'Haruki's Apartment' by The Goort Design Bureau

Making use of the extra high ceiling, this poorly segmented space was converted into a maisonette, double-level apartment. The owners wanted a fully functional living and entertainment area, so a lot of creative solutions were used to achieve that. The full wall storage in the living room hides a foldable dining table and chairs, and a pull-down projector can be used for movie nights. This eliminates the need for fixed furnishings, allowing for multiple functions of the same space.


We also love the idea of having a window sill across the entire width of the wall, which doubles up as a breakfast corner or a home office. The industrial style interiors add to the charm of this tiny apartment.

High ceilings and large windows make this stylish loft apartment feel bright and spacious |
High ceilings and large windows make this stylish loft apartment feel bright and spacious |
Back Country Tiny Homes |

This tiny home can travel too! Rather than focusing on only city apartments, this tiny home in the country also made an appearance this year.


Outdoor adventure seekers, the owners of this tiny mobile home wanted to downsize and stay closer to the hiking trails. This home is a little less than 19 square meters in size and is fitted with everything that a full sized home would have. From storage to a fully functional kitchen and bathroom and even a bunk bed for overnight guests, this tiny home has it all. A hobbit hole in the bedroom opens up to a rooftop terrace. What a way to start the day!

Small trailer home has plenty of storage and style |
Neat and tidy kitchen area in this tiny home |

This home takes minimal living to another level. While not all of us are ready for such a challenge, the stunning views right on the doorstep surely make a strong case for relocating to a smaller pad in the great outdoors.

Bedroom in Basecamp small trailer home |

There are many different ways to downsize and make your home a personal space. Are you planning to downsize in 2017? Share with us your New Year’s resolutions in the comments below!


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