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Lofty Living – Haruki’s Apartment

Lofty Living – Haruki’s Apartment

High ceilings and exposed brick perfection

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on March 22nd 2016
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Haruki’s Apartment


The Goort

Living in the city can mean that you have to compromise with space, but it definitely doesn’t mean you need to give up on your lifestyle! Haruki’s Apartment is on the first floor of a historic building in Ukraine, designed by the ingenious people at The Goort. It’s the perfect example of balancing your lifestyle within a small space. This loft apartment is home to a photographer, a model and their pet cat, and it has all the elements that the young couple (and their cat Haruki) could want.

Stylish industrial loft apartment with minimalist details |

A total floor area of 35.7 square meters may not have been enough to accommodate all the owners’ requirements, but the designers found opportunity in designing up! The brilliant use of the high ceiling to create another level has transformed the entire loft apartment. The space on the ground floor has a neutral arrangement that allows it to switch easily between uses. It is amazing to see it so easily transformed as needed, from living room to dining hall, guest room, or even a mini cinema hall.  The upper level serves as the private area with a bedroom and walk-in closet. The owners got exactly what they  wished for – a home with a cozy personal space and enough room to host friends and family.

Spacious dining room in a stylish industrial-inspired loft apartment perfect for entertaining |
Stylish loft apartment with chalkboard wall |

The distinctive feature that accentuates this loft apartment is the large window area that opens out towards the street. The bright natural light creates a sense of spaciousness and an open floor plan enables movement around the place. To maximize usability, a long window sill across the entire width of the wall serves as a workstation or breakfast table – but I’m pretty sure it’s the cat who makes the most of it.

Stylish loft apartment in Ukraine featuring uplifting wall inscriptions |

My personal favorite feature of Haruki’s Apartment is the collection of wall inscriptions. It’s a great start to your morning, with sweet messages to lift your spirits!

White minimalist kitchen in a stylish loft apartment |

A minimalist approach helps keep the loft apartment clutter free and easy to maintain. With this in mind, the kitchen is designed to have all the necessary appliances, but hidden away in cabinets. Similarly, all additional furnishings required to host guests and put on a party are stored in the custom built cupboards.

Stylish industrial-chic loft apartment with open plan living arrangement |
Living room from 'Haruki's Apartment' by The Goort Design Bureau

Haruki’s Apartment is full of surprises and interesting space hacks. It is important to think creatively when every inch matters. The wine rack under the window sill near the kitchen is an intelligent way to use a corner otherwise unused and out of sight. Another clever feature is the projection system instead of a television. As the usage of TV is passé among younger generations with a preference for laptops and tablets, it makes more sense to have a projector for a once in a while movie indulgence.

Stylish industrial loft apartment with exposed brick walls |

The loft apartment’s industrial look adds character whilst keeping the overall look cozy and fresh. The result is a stylish modern space that any millennial would love to call home.



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