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7 Ways to Use Low Height Furniture in Your Home Decor

7 Ways to Use Low Height Furniture in Your Home Decor

These go beyond boho homes and bachelor living

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on December 17th 2016
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We usually follow a common blueprint when decorating our home. Our spaces are designed based on their functionality, or may rely on our interpretation of an existing theme. However, there are many ways to set our interiors apart that are just as stylish as they are unique. Low height furniture is one such alternative arrangement.


Low height furniture might be considered native to boho style homes and bachelor living. Nevertheless, there is no rulebook suggesting that it cannot be adapted to other styles. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate low height furniture into your very own home.

Living Room

How about ditching your English roll arm sofa for a more relaxed couch?

Use low height furniture like this teal sofa to add a cozier touch to your Netflix nights in | NONAGON.style
image source
Low height cozy sofa with soft colorful cushions | NONAGON.style
image source

A low height sofa could be the perfect accomplice to your next Netflix night in, and a great place to host casual family gatherings. Even better, there are so many different kinds of floor sofas, you’re bound to find one that fits your style, whether that be boho eclectic or Scandinavian minimalism.


Low height beds are slowly gaining popularity as they create a relaxed look in the bedroom.

Low height bed in a bright bohemian bedroom | NONAGON.style
image source
Minimalist bedroom with low height bed, gray bedding and jungalow accents | NONAGON.style
image source

If you have a small bedroom, low height furniture can make it feel more spacious. What’s more, not only will your bedroom look chic, but you can also avoid any additional bulky furniture like side tables. If you like to read before bedtime, don’t forget to add some low-hanging pendant lamps by the bedside.

Dining Room

Take inspiration from Japanese style interiors and add some Zen to your home decor with a low height dining table.

Wooden low height table with vibrant colorful floor cushions | NONAGON.style
image source
Beautiful dining area with low height furniture, fairy lights and floor cushions | Nonagon
image source

It might be a little too unconventional for hosting a formal dinner party, but it can be much more entertaining than a regular dining room setting. Add in some floor cushions and bamboo mats for comfortable seating.

Outdoor Seating

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea as there are some logistics involved. For instance, if you don’t have a covered outdoor space, you might have to carry your soft furnishings in and out to save them from sun and rain. However, it is such a cool and cozy idea, that we certainly wouldn’t mind all that hassle.

Contemporary outdoor balcony space with low height furniture | NONAGON.style
image source

In the case of a balcony, low height seating will help you create a slightly more private area that is not entirely visible to your neighbors. This will be especially helpful if you live in a densely populated area.

Kids’ Rooms

Kids love to sit and play on the floor, so why not create a special nook for them to enjoy their playtime?

Whimsical and cute childrens' space with low height furniture | NONAGON.style
image source

Low height furniture could also help in imparting some discipline by letting them use that particular area only for certain activities. A simple rug or a bunch of flat floor cushions will be enough to carve out a nice corner in the house that is exclusively for the kids.

Study Area

Home offices are increasingly becoming an important part of every household. Why not do something interesting using low height furniture? It’s better than buying a bulky study table that eats up the entire room!

Modern study space with low height furniture and wood accents | NONAGON.style

All you need is a platform or a shelf space and a comfortable cushion. You can either get a custom-made addition to your room or do a simple DIY. Just make sure the study table is at an ergonomically correct height so you can work at ease.

Cozy Nooks

We love to have multiple seating arrangements at home. An informal cozy nook for some alone time, or that intimate conversation, can easily become your favorite corner in the house.

Boho eclectic cozy nook with low height furniture | NONAGON.style
image source
Boho eclectic cozy nook with low height furniture and colorful accents| NONAGON.style
image source

Since there is no heavy furniture involved, you can easily move things around and use these areas for other purposes when required. You can even use this arrangement instead of a daybed and enjoy a mid-day nap on a relaxed weekend. Time to invest in some floor cushions we think!


What are your thoughts on low height furniture? How would you recreate these spaces in your home?


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