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Render of the Week: Bright Sun Room Channels Uptown Chic

Render of the Week: Bright Sun Room Channels Uptown Chic

Because luxe home decor is a timeless classic

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on August 30th 2018
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Scandinavian hygge, tropical flamingo and bohemian macrame, over the years we see many design trends come and go, but one that will forever have a place in our hearts is the luxe home decor embodied in the uptown chic aesthetic. A timeless classic, luxe design oozes old-world charm and sophistication. With this in mind, we’re rounding up some of our favorite ways to get the look, as inspired by this beautiful sun room render by our friends over at Keep scrolling for more!

Luxe Home Decor: Bright sun room render with uptown chic marble floors, denim blue mid-century modern arm chairs and sleek steel frame windows |

Classic Design

The key to luxe home decor lies in eschewing ‘of the moment’ trends in favor of the classics. Sure, pink wall tiles and kinfolk rusticity look great now, but how long before they start to look dated? Instead, stick to tried and true styles and materials that have already stood the test of time. In this case, luxe design calls for handsome polished marble and sleek mid-century modern inspired furniture pieces.


Neutral Tones

There’s just something so inherently expensive-looking about a neutral color scheme don’t you think? As above, a neutral color scheme will never age, making soft calm hues a luxe home decor necessity. If you really must include color, do so in small but sweet bursts that can be easily changed over time. A pair of denim blue armchairs for instance, or some beautiful blooms.



More stuff suggests more money which obviously equates to sophistication, right? Not necessarily. Uptown chic advocates a less is more philosophy, and while that doesn’t exactly require a subscription to all white minimalism, it does mean that one should style their space with a discerning eye. Look to art galleries and museums for inspiration. Give your items space to breathe – this will allow them to truly shine and make an impact.


What do you think of this luxe home decor aesthetic? Let us know in the comments!


Remember to head on over to to see more of their amazing work. They have plenty of inspiration for your next home design project. What’s more, you can even outsource your rendering and styling to, saving you time in your DIY projects.


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