Luxury Bathroom Decor Essentials: The Ultimate Guide |
Your Guide to Luxury Bathroom Decor Essentials

Your Guide to Luxury Bathroom Decor Essentials

The luxury bathroom decor checklist

Written by –
Jessie Hogarth
on September 16th 2018
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When you think about it, bathrooms are a sanctuary of sorts. A place of privacy where one can shut out the rest of the world and devote time to some much-needed pampering. As such, the bathroom is in my opinion one of the most important rooms of the home, and well deserving of a little luxury. With this in mind, I’m listing out exactly what it takes to elevate your bathroom to luxe status. From heated flooring to sunken bathtubs, here’s your guide to luxury bathroom decor.

Luxury Bathroom Decor: Bright white minimalist bathroom with cobalt blue sink accent and decorative metallic and white bathtub |
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Luxury Bathroom Decor Essentials

Heated Flooring

Nothing says luxury more than heated floors! It makes all the difference, extending the pampering beyond your bath or shower. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than stepping out from the delicious warmth onto cold tiled flooring.

Luxury Bathroom Decor: Elegant bathroom with wood, tile and marble accents and white bathtub |
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Believe it or not, heated floors are actually more energy efficient than you think; their electric draw is far less than that of an electric heater. What’s more, due to their rapid rise in popularity, heated floors are surprisingly affordable. Who says luxury has to cost the earth?

A Standout Bathtub

When it comes to luxury bathroom decor, a bathtub is a must! Yes, showers are practical and convenient, but a long soak in the tub is just the thing for recreating that indulgent spa experience.

Luxury Bathroom Decor: Rustic chic bathroom with sunken bathtub and breathtaking mountain views |
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Baths come in many shapes and sizes, but my favorite has to be the sunken bathtub. While sunken bathtubs are more difficult to install than regular tubs, the extra expense and effort is worth it! There’s a reason why sunken bathtubs are a staple of luxury hotels and resorts the world over. If a sunken bathtub is out of the question, another option is a free standing tub. Opt for a classic claw foot to get that old school glamour look on lock.

Superior Materials

The kind of materials you choose for your bathroom makes all the difference. In other words, this ain’t the time to be scrimping on quality.

Luxury Bathroom Decor: Contemporary luxe bathroom with marble and glass design details |
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Whether you opt for an opulent fine stone marble or a warm solid wood, try to choose the most durable version you can find. Durability is important; keeping your bathroom looking shiny and new is a big part of the luxury bathroom decor aesthetic. Also try to look for natural or organic forms of your chosen material as these tend to be better quality than their man-made counterparts.

A Bidet

In many Asian countries, bidets are the norm in every bathroom. However, in Europe and the States, they’re a little less common, making them an extravagant addition ideal for the luxury bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Decor: Modern luxe bathroom with graphic square tile and gold hardware |
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Bidets can either come attached to your toilet seat or as a standalone fixture. If you opt for a standalone version, make sure to choose one which matches the style and color of your aesthetic so as to achieve a cohesive overall look.


What better way to relax during your bath than by listening to soothing music? Yes, speakers in the bathroom are perhaps the definition of extra. But given the advancement of smart home technology, there are a variety of subtle ways to integrate this luxury into your bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Decor: Bright contemporary bathroom with sculptural black marble sink |
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Concealed Bluetooth speakers are my favorite way of adding tech to a bathroom. Try building them into the ceiling, or perhaps a cupboard, to ensure they’re visually discreet. After all, you don’t want them to take away from the design of your luxury bathroom decor!

For more ideas to up the luxe in your bathroom, check out our guide to transforming your bathroom into a relaxing spa sanctuary.


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