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This Minimalist Montenegro Bachelor Apartment is Cozy and Functional

This Minimalist Montenegro Bachelor Apartment is Cozy and Functional

Plenty of space for activities and relaxing in this modern home

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on March 23rd 2017
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Contemporary interior design is blossoming in the Balkans. This bachelor apartment in Budva, Montenegro, is a fine example of a striking modern residential apartment. Tall ceilings, strong shapes, and open plan spaces are appealing and gracious, allowing this home to be both functional and minimal.

A bachelor apartment's functional living room featuring fireplace with hidden doors and Scandinavian furniture |

An IT specialist is the owner of this bachelor apartment, who wanted his home to have a minimal aesthetic. The main space in the home is open plan. It stretches from the kitchen and dining room right over to a meditation zone at the far end. The color palette is neutral with whites, grays and sandy tones.

Fireplace with hidden storage, wooden furniture and gray sofa in a modern bachelor apartment |

M3 Architectural Group organized the strong shapes into blocks of color. We especially love the feel of open space and curated zones.

Dark chairs around a light dining table in the kitchen and dining room of a bachelor apartment |

The kitchen and dining area feel like they’ve been lifted right out of a designer’s dream. The island creates a solid space, while the chairs and lamps orbit around the area. It creates a balance between heavy and light, soft and dark.

Pears on dining table highlight the contrast of soft and dark in this minimalist bachelor apartment |
Wide gray sofa, wooden table and large windows in the living room of a contemporary bachelor apartment |

The designers matched tall ceilings with long curtains either side of the cement pillar. The living room section is perfect for entertaining and relaxing, while the space to the rear of the room is for yoga and meditation. But seeing how simply decorated each room is, there is a lot of scope for different activities in each area. What’s more, the homeowner can draw the curtains to create some calm and coziness in the center area of the apartment.

Cup of tea and mobile phone atop a dark table beside a double-sided gray sofa in a modern bachelor apartment |

Floor to ceiling windows make the most of the daylight. Meanwhile, the double-sided sofa makes the room open concept, with no fixed direction.

Open concept living room of a minimalist bachelor apartment with a wide sofa, wooden table, fireplace and tall curtains |

The designers intended the hidden doors and screens above the fireplace to keep things tidy. In addition, they hid the heating, air conditioning and audio systems quietly behind screens and partitions.

Meditation zone of a bachelor apartment with lounge chair and storage for books and household items in neutral colors |

The additional room to the back of this living area is mostly used as a space for meditation. However, it was designed, as was much of the house, to be multi functional. The storage allows the homeowner to stash away books and household items whilst still maintaining a sparse and simple environment for the owner.

Contemporary bachelor apartment's bathroom with marble walls, large mirrors and a sink in white color palette |

The master bedroom also contains the only bathroom, but in this single occupancy apartment, that’s okay. The large marble walls were a first choice for the bathroom as the designers were looking to use mostly natural materials and started with a white color palette.

White sink below a large mirror with lighting in the bathroom of a Balkan bachelor apartment |
Bathtub and shower in front of a marble wall separated by glass partitions and curtains in a modern bachelor apartment |

Glass partitions ensure that the room doesn’t get too dark. One can also pull the curtain over for privacy between the bathroom and bedroom.

Artemide table lamp beside bed in a Balkan bachelor apartment |

The bedroom lamp is from Artemide, and gives a warm glow perfect for the room.

Bedroom of minimalist bachelor apartment with dark steel-framed windows to contrast the light-colored furniture |

When we’re thinking about bachelor apartments, we often expect darker colors and moodier atmospheres. It’s therefore refreshing to see the earthy neutral colors here with the darker steel frame windows and strong geometric lines of the cabinets and panels. Overall, it’s a wonderful abode, with plenty of options to re-zone the functionality of the main rooms and a scaled back calmness that puts you instantly at ease.


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