Now 'Made In China' is Becoming Cool |
Now ‘Made In China’ is Becoming Cool

Now ‘Made In China’ is Becoming Cool

It's time to rethink your idea of Chinese brands after seeing these cool and quirky prints

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on July 16th 2018
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Over the decades, China has earned a bad rap for producing cheaply made goods. But look out, that’s all changing. By playfully balancing traditional crafts with contemporary designs, these cool Chinese homeware brands are producing something new and exciting.


These five brands offer something creative, hip and even luxurious, blurring the boundaries between Western and Eastern aesthetics, and updating classic styles.

Piling Palang

Colorful pink designs using traditional forms for Piling Palang's homeware range |
Piling Palang

You’ll find ceramics, cloisonné and lacquer goods from Shanghai-based homeware brand Piling Palang. Founded in 2009, Deng Binging previously spent some a decade working as a graphic designer in Melbourne. On return to his homeland, he set up Piling Palang to take traditional Chinese shapes and patterns from homeware, and pair them with a contemporary spin. We’re treated with eye-catchingly modern and vibrant colors.


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Eggplant home decor with modern colors and contrasting Chinese patterns |
Piling Palang's 'Aubergine in Repose'

Shang Xia

Walnut wood three seater Da Tian Di C sofa from Shang Xia |
Shang Xia

Jiang Qiong’er is the artistic director and CEO of Shang Xia, furtive with her “passion for beauty without borders”. This Chinese-developed luxury brand has a strong focus on contemporary Chinese craftsmanship and a curated collection of items looking to use heritage as a way to open to the future. Backed by Hermès, Shang Xia focuses on homeware and furniture, as well as its fashion range.


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Bamboo tray and stainless steel 'Twilight Table' from Shang Xia |
Shang Xia

Pinyin Press

Lucky cat tray and mug from Pinyin Press |
Pinyin Press

The funky graphics and cute prints from Pinyin Press are upbeat and on trend. Pinyin is the name of the writing system that spells Chinese characters using a Roman alphabet to help make it more accessible to foreigners, which perfectly captures the essence of the brand.


Goodies from Pinyin Press feature detailed hand-drawn prints and illustrations across a range of homeware items, from textiles to ceramics. Check out the dumpling shaped salt and pepper shakers.


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Dumpling shaped salt and pepper shakers from Pinyin Press |
Salt and Pepper shakers from Pinyin Press

Spin Ceramics

Tai Lake Vases with gold inlay against white bone china, from Spin Ceramics |
Spin Ceramics

There is a town in China, Jingdezhen, known as the ‘Porcelain Capital’. It’s been producing pottery for almost 2,000 years. It’s thanks to this town that porcelain ceramics are even known as china.


Spin Ceramics use contemporary processes like abstract glazing patterns and asymmetry to inject new life into porcelain. They work with artisans in Jingdezhen to continue with traditional techniques in unusual new ways.


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Water bag vases from Spin Ceramics |
Spin Ceramics

Works of Wonder

Cushions with 'Toile de Jouy; pattern featuring Hong Kong landscapes, from Works of Wonder |
Works of Wonder

Dainty Toile de Jouy patterns usually make you think of the popular blue and white prints associated with European 18th century chic. But looking closely at these detailed textiles from Works of Wonder, and you’ll notice a twist on the old classic. Instead of horse drawn carriages, you’ll see popular Hong Kong landmarks, trams and temples.

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Cushions from Works of Wonder |
Works of Wonder

Did we leave any out? Leave a comment below or get in touch and let us know your favorite Chinese home decor brands that are making their mark in the home decor world.


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