Three Identical Layouts Yet Three Different Worlds |
Three Identical Layouts Yet Three Different Worlds

Three Identical Layouts Yet Three Different Worlds

Three looks you could replicate in your apartment

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on February 13th 2019
Originally from London, Isobel is enthralled by the curves and lines that make up a city. It's fascinating to see how modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks muddle together. Her Instagram feed @Isobel_McKenzie is usually full of spiral staircases and tall buildings. Can also be found on Twitter.. sometimes.

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Since the rise of Instagram and Airbnb, the travel industry hasn’t been the same. For those tourists looking for the ultimate luxury home away from home, five star ratings will often take into consideration how good their stay will look on their social feed. When it came to designing these three property rental spaces, the interior design team at Egue Y Seta had a great time thinking about how to style these three apartments, with completely similar layouts, to look completely different.


“The competition within the real estate market in Madrid, whether for sale, short-stay or rental apartments, is getting tougher day by day,” they explained. “The requirements on the aesthetic and functional quality of such real estate products are consequently increasing, becoming ever more specific and fall, of course, over us architects and decorators. And we’re loving it!” Challenge accepted, then!

The One with Botanical Chic

Nicknamed, The One with the Botanical Chic, this apartment is calm and collected. It features botanical illustrations, as wall art and in textiles. The white brick wall gives a sense of urban chic that’s softened and relaxed, while the sandy and earthy tones feel natural. The furniture was pulled from different European brands; Maisons du Monde, Kave Home, Desenio and international favorites Ikea and Zara Home. This is the smallest of the three apartments but doesn’t feel cramped, thanks to the ‘lightness’ of the materials.

As a pied-à-terre for exploring the city, the apartment features an open plan living room and dining room space, with a small spot for basic cooking equipment.

What advice would you give yourself looking back on this project?

Egue y Seta: To pursue more projects like this. It was incredibly fun to do. It was refreshing to be able to imagine and deliver three entirely different apartments from a very similar lay out and briefing. It was almost like being able to execute all preliminary proposals and not having any rejected in the process.

In the bedroom, we like the rattan bed frame from Deco Living, as it matches so neatly with the botanical feel. The planters and textures all feel natural and come together well.

The One with Brit-Blue


The Brit-Blue apartment was Egue y Seta’s ode to velvety blues and leather tones, a nod to an Oxbridge aesthetic. Thinking of Chesterfield sofas they paired the room with brick walls and armchairs to sit back and read a good book. For decor they chose maps, fish illustrations and art they considered to have more of a masculine feel. The greenery, decor along the cabinet, and gold hued lighting soften the blues and darker shadows. Tall windows and a balconette look over the busy Madrileño street.

Is there a favorite aspect of the project that you enjoyed designing?

Egue y Seta: Styling or Home Staging. When designing for permanent dwellers or real owners, home staging or decor, up until that detail, is something they usually want to do themselves, progressively and as they become acquainted with the space. It’s been a pleasure to be able to dress up these spaces and see the impact of these small but relevant decisions.

The Amime wallpaper, from Farrow and Ball, is a woven pen illustration design that is reminiscent of fishermen’s nets. No wonder there are so many fish illustrations dotted around!

The One with Organic Lux

Pairing laid back style with hints of blue, this one slips down the middle of the two styles. For this look, the design team looked to combine the grain of wood and marble for natural styling, with the gold and ceramic decor items. “The uniform softness of the velvet may indeed work with organic-inspired graphic patterns in the form of shells or petals.” Subtle gold sheens bring out the lux, with a soft pile rug underfoot for the organic and vegetal.

What were the challenges to completing this project?

Egue y Seta: Re-interpreting trends. Making them recognizable but at the same time, neutral enough as to appeal to a broader audience. Making up a fictional client profile, with a particular taste and preferences, and designing for him. Also timing and budget. Contract clients can’t afford any time or budget deviations.

We really like this place setting, with the simple hues of the lamp blending gentle pink with a natural wooden touch. Mid-century modern chair legs for the credenza, pairing the gold candle holders with the feather-like dishes on the coffee table, are all just subtle hints that bring the room together. Does it get any more perfect?

While it’s not always easy to work out what to do with a space, it’s fun to see how three similar spaces all ended looking up a little bit different with a gentle focus on a different theme. Which of these three homes are your favorite? Would you opt for the Brit Blue or maybe the Organic Lux? Perhaps the Botanical One with its laid back rattan still keeps you hooked. Well, whatever your favorite feel free to pin it for your own home inspiration, and if you liked this article share it with your friends!


You can see more Egue y Seta projects here, or else check out this Madrid apartment with a slanted roof, and see how checkered rug layering offers a treat for your eyes.


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