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Make Black a Norm at Home

Make Black a Norm at Home

Because black is always in style

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on October 19th 2017
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Have you ever thought about adding some beautiful hints of black to your home?


Black is a bold color and, if used in the right way, adds so much character to any space. Going for a major makeover like repainting your walls or ripping off the entire floor to add that elegant black look to your home is not a practical dream; especially if renovation is not on the cards. So, take baby steps, and fall in love with this color, one corner at a time.

Minimalist black bathroom Frame unit by Scandinavian design firm Norm Architects |

As we scouted through the internet for some inspiration on easy ways to add darker tones to our homes, we found ourselves gawking at these captivating designs by Norm.


Thoughtful design is like soulful music, and Norm hits all the right chords. Based in Copenhagen, they are true to their Scandinavian roots and bring out the beauty in everyday objects. They base their designs around the use of the object and by questioning its existence; they then re-design these everyday items to a minimalist perfection. Their Nordic designs are timeless and simplistic, drawing inspiration from history and culture. Use of the color black highlights the structural brilliance of the objects. You can bring each one of these items home without ever regretting your decision. Read on to check out our favorite pieces.

Shaker Tray

This set of three trays that fit into each other are based on shaker boxes and painted in black Sumi ink.

Scandinavian-inspired black shaker tableware tray painted in Sumi ink by Norm Architects |

This is a beautiful example of how taking inspiration from different traditions can lead to incredible results. They are ideal for tea time in the garden, and will make for some stellar Instagram images.


Impress your guests with this cutlery that is sure to stand out.

Minimalist Scandinavian-inspired black cutlery flatware by Norm Architects | NONAGON-style

This classy collection will match most of your dinnerware and look elegant on the dinner table.

Meet Bench

Inspired by the traditional piano bench, this simple yet stunning item is a multipurpose piece of furniture.

Minimalist Scandinavian-inspired black bench by Norm Architects |

Place it in any corner and it will display your belongings with grace.


These blocks of marble are made to highlight the understated elegance in simplicity.

Elegant black marble 'Plinth' coffee table by Scandinavian design firm Norm Architects |

These coffee tables will make your living area come to life. It’s a functional piece of art that will amp up the glamour level of any home.

Led Carrie

This USB charged LED light is portable and rechargeable. 

Portable LED 'Carrie' light in Scandinavian design by Norm Architects |

Its soothing light is perfect as a bedside lamp or for a relaxed evening on the couch, curled up with a book.

Multi Basket

We love the jute baskets that make even trash look cool, but this multi-purpose basket takes things to another level.

Scandinavian-inspired wooden Multi-Basket by Norm Architects |

It comes with two airtight containers and its sleek handle locks itself into the upright position when in use. Make this basket a functional centerpiece in your living room, take it out for a small picnic in the garden, or carry used dishes back to the kitchen in style.


Frame is a modular system with customizable frames to fit your needs.

Sleek minimalist modern bathroom design details by Scandinavian design firm Norm Architects |

The Frame, being flexible and functional, is a unique choice for a modern bathroom. They are a sharp contrast to the bulky cabinets we usually have in our homes – they’re sure to give your bathroom a fresh look and help you declutter the space.

Wire pots

Out in the garden you can go crazy with creativity and color, but for house plants or a small balcony you need something that looks good and isn’t too bulky.

Minimalist black planter by Scandinavian design firm Norm Architects |

These wire pots can easily fit in any setting and are a modern take on vintage style garden pots.

Cotton Bag

These stand up bags are made for smart storage and easy transportation. Ideal for laundry or storing small things you like to keep handy around the house, it’s perfect as a space saving storage solution for small apartments.

Minimalist black cotton bag storage by Norm Architects |

These bags are made in Nepal under the Nepal Projects initiative by Menu Design, in collaboration with Norm and some other design studios around Copenhagen. They provide employment and opportunities to locals in Nepal.


What do you think of incorporating touches of black at home?


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