This Studio Apartment in Hong Kong is Big on Style |
This Compact Studio Apartment in Hong Kong is Big on Style

This Compact Studio Apartment in Hong Kong is Big on Style

Small but perfectly formed

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on December 13th 2016
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What do you need in your home? The answer becomes more complicated as the family grows. However, for a young couple who wanted a not-so-traditional home, the choices were easy to make. The owners, a hair stylist, and his wife, were looking to create a home that would resonate with their style and break away from conventional home designs. This studio apartment in Hong Kong, that is just 79 square meters in size, underwent a complete makeover to achieve this.

Stephen Kenn sofa with denim cushion covers and large windows in a Hong Kong studio apartment |

Hong Kong has been in the real estate news a lot lately for its high-priced, small-sized apartments. This means that every inch matters, and every corner needs a smart solution to accommodate the home essentials. This carefully curated home has all of this and more.

Stephen Kenn sofa, Charlotte Perriand chest, and leather-clad recliner in the living room of a mid-century modern studio apartment |
Living room of a Hong Kong studio apartment with Stephen Kenn sofa, leather-clad recliner and large windows for plenty of light |

The original design of this apartment was a traditional one bedroom home with walled interiors to segment the spaces. As a result, the rooms were obviously small and cramped. The owners agreed to the idea of experimentation with their design and agreed to turn it into a studio. The open plan visually expands the spaces and allows a lot of fluidity in design.

Stephen Kenn sofa with indigo denim cushion covers and wooden furniture in stylish studio apartment |

The owners are huge fans of all things vintage, so the designers have incorporated those elements in the design. They styled the whole apartment based on the Stephen Kenn sofa you can see here. This mid-century modern inspired piece of furniture, with a contemporary twist, is a showstopper piece. The rigid metal frame and denim-looking indigo cushion covers create a nice contrast. Consequently, this stood as the base point to style the rest of the apartment.

Over-sized headboard separating bed from Stephen Kenn sofa in a spacious, open-plan studio apartment |

An oversized headboard and tall mirrored column replaced the wall that used to split the area before the makeover. The designers took it as an opportunity to create an interesting aesthetic by using a signature low slung column by Mies Van der Rohe, rather than a concrete clad structure. It adds a nice texture and visual appeal to the room. The sleek edges of this column almost disappear as the mirrored surface reflects its surroundings.

Bed and decorative bedside Charlotte Perriand chest in a vintage studio apartment |

Taking a cue from the mid-century modern look of the couch, the designers added a few more pieces of iconic furniture from that design era. One such item is a chest by Charlotte Perriand. The overall minimal decor helps enhance the spaciousness of the apartment. In addition, a recliner and a leather-clad chair pair beautifully with the couch, making it look more modern eclectic. Since the apartment is bright enough, the designers added some indoor plants to make the home look more lively.

Open plan bedroom of a Hong Kong studio apartment with bed connecting to a spacious living room |
Open plan bedroom of a Hong Kong studio apartment with comfy bed, large windows and draped curtains |

A custom-made headboard also acts as a room divider. It carefully hides the bed from the living area, and its top shelf holds some decoratives that beautify the space. The floor length windows fill the apartment with natural light. A minimal color palette also helps keep things light and avoid any visual distractions. With the light flowing in, and the muted colors, it almost has a Zen-like feeling which is ideal for a good night’s rest.

Bedroom with dressing table and ladder accents in a contemporary studio apartment |

In smaller apartments, storage can be an issue that could ruin the entire living experience. In this studio apartment, the designers have created tons of storage space with floor to ceiling cupboards that hold all the owners’ belongings. These cupboards also hold some extra furniture that the owners can bring out when friends and family visit.


The designers used some architectural features like the cement ceiling and the wall furring of the toilet facade as decorative elements, so as to add more personality to the space rather than concealing them. Other interesting furnishings include the stunning mirror and the lamps that add an industrial touch to the apartment.

Unused chairs stored inside tall cupboards with wooden interior in a mid-century modern studio apartment |
White cupboard storage of a contemporary Hong Kong studio apartment |
Stephen Kenn sofa, Charlotte Perriand chest, and hanging lights inside a Hong Kong studio apartment |

A mix of classic vintage and modern contemporary styles, this studio apartment definitely offers a lot of design inspiration and practical functionality. The owners are overjoyed with their new home and love how the sofa stands out. It makes the living room their favorite part of the apartment.


Among the crowded streets and sky-high buildings of Hong Kong, the towers and blocks begin to look the same. But this apartment offers something personal and unique to the homeowners. They can be sure that their home is one of a kind.


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