Million Dollar Coastal Homes with Luxury Waterfronts |
Guaranteed Sea Views in These Million Dollar Coastal Homes

Guaranteed Sea Views in These Million Dollar Coastal Homes

Only $1m for these panoramic views that sweep you away

Asma Khan
Written by –
Asma Khan
on November 3rd 2018

Where would you snap up a home if you had a spare million dollars? Following our series of million dollar country homes and comparing how much space you get in the most populated cities, this time in our million dollar series, you’ll get sweeping views and waterfront panoramas with these coastal homes from New Hampshire to The Bahamas. Without further ado, let’s dive right into these million dollar coastal homes!

One Million Dollar Coastal Homes Split Aerial View of Blue-green Coast and seashore, with Beautiful Bunch of Houses |

Panoramic Million Dollar Coastal Homes

For me, a coastal home would be my dream retirement option. Imagine chilling at a beachside or waterfront home all day long! Drifting thoughts and silent fishing while sitting under the sun with my partner is the image that pops up in my head. For me to afford one of these scenic homes, I’d better start saving up!

Penobscot Bay, Maine, USA

Luxuriating in a picturesque setting along the Atlantic Ocean is Penobscot Bay — made up of secluded shores and majestic hills down in south central Maine. It’s a dream come true for painters and Instagrammers alike. What’s more? With plenty of tall ships docked in the bay here more than anywhere else in the country, it’s the hottest destination for cruising and some lobster fishing. Amidst this ‘sweep-you-off-your-feet’ destination, sit many beautiful waterfront homes.

Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Sweeping views of blue ocean, Penobscot Bay, with tall green trees |
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One house, such as this one in Stockton Springs, comes at a cool one million — a reasonable price for the treasure within!


This million dollar single-family residence is custom-built with four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. The two-storey house possesses some of the finest views down the bay while spanning across 389 square meters (4,190 sq. ft).

Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Lighthouse Road Stockton Springs Penobscot Bay Brown Bricks Cottage Waterfront |
image source
Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Penobscot Bay Lighthouse Road family home, eclectic style room |
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Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Traditional, mid-century modern bedroom with topaz wall paint with dark wood decor and tabriz rugs |
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Oropos, Attica, Greece

Greece has a history of looking beautiful, and it shows no sign of stopping. Greece is made up of 6,000 islands, providing many opportunities for sun kissed views over the Aegean Sea.

Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Villa in Attica, Greece, Exterior evening view of the gorgeous traditional waterfront house |
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This 370-square-meter (3,982 sq. ft) two-story villa boasts the perfect balcony view. It’s a four bedroom, three bathroom home in excellent condition. If the gentle sea breeze isn’t enough consider with joy that it’s fully air conditioned for summer months and has built-in floor heating for the winter.


With plenty of space for parking and a giant pool with scenic views of the sunset. It is my perfect holiday home in the rolling hills and calm seas. Only an hour away from Athens, too.

Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Front entrance traditional style facing the water |
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Santiago, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Although it began as a small fishing village, with gorgeous views over the Pacific Ocean and set with lush tropical hills as a backdrop, it is no wonder that the surfing beaches of this Costa Rica town beckon tourists and sea-side dreamers like me.

Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Plain gray cement property home in Santa Teresa on a hill and red tractor |
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Million Dollar Homes: Open plan living room at golden hour, minimalist chairs, indoor to outdoor area |
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This lot size of the property is 9,625 square meters (103,602 sq. ft), including the three bedroom home and space to build another house. An open plan living room, and the fully-equipped kitchen is supported by a personal well for a year-round supply of fresh water. Although you feel like it’s a private space and reclusive from the city, you’ll be pleased to know it still picks up WiFi!


What I’m wondering is whether you’ll even want to take a trip to the beach, or just gaze at it from the infinity pool. This house is nothing short of a bonanza!

Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Infinity pool with minimal white sunbathing beds and ocean, hill views |
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Bayroc, Nassau, The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an archipelagic state made up of 700 islands, with the clearest water on the planet. Nassau is at the center of this paradisaical vacation location, with the most luxurious estates and bustling nightlife balanced with beautiful sea, sand and skies. I think it’s the perfect location for those who want to break free, and I found this million dollar home to do just that.

Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Tropical trees waterfall, pond and heated pool with rocks and purple flowers |
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The condo, at 223 square meters (2400 sq. ft), packs a punch. Lodged in a welcoming community, it comes with three en-suite bedrooms, a powder room and porcelain tile floors. It is filled with white walls, granite countertops and gold accents, making a bright interior. While the veranda also brings in natural light and fresh breeze from the sea, it is ideal for outdoor dining thanks to the location’s year-round sunshine. They’ve even thought about hurricane season, as it’s built with impact glass for this scenario.


This is the condo for gathering friends and family either at the private barbecue or taking a dip down at the beach. Views look out over a waterfall and pond that ends up in a heated pool, so even in winter is a delight.

Million Dollar Coastal Homes: The verandah outside the condo with white elegant fences overlooking beach, tropical trees and ocean |
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Million Dollar Coastal Homes: Living room of the condo, empty with white walls, granite kitchen countertops, porcelain floor tiles |
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These million dollar coastal home finds are all too good to be true! While I can’t choose between them all, which one do you have your eye on?


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