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These Million Dollar Riverfront Homes Will Make You Want to Move ASAP

These Million Dollar Riverfront Homes Will Make You Want to Move ASAP

Views galore!

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When we think of waterfront homes, it’s usually sweeping coastal-front properties or tropical beach villas that first come to mind. But let us introduce a third player into the mix: the riverfront home. The beauty of riverfront homes lie in their versatility. It can exist in the middle of a bustling metropolitan city or in the rural reaches of the countryside, yet still deliver on the aesthetic beauty and serenity promised by seas and oceans. With this in mind, we thought it’d be the perfect fit for our million dollar series. Keep scrolling for more.

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes: Colorful townhouses overlooking the harbor | NONAGON.style

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes

United States


Good morning Baltimore! While Maryland’s largest city may not be an obvious choice of location to lay down a cool one million, just remember it was dubbed ‘Charm City’ for a reason. Think contemporary city spirit matched with pockets of Greek Revival architecture — it’s a city of contrasts, which means there’s something for everyone. No wonder it’s tipped to become the next great East Coast hotspot.

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Baltimore real estate currently clocks in at under the national average, making it a great time to invest in the area. We especially like the look of this luxury condominium at the Ritz Carlton Residences, set overlooking the city’s Inner Harbor.

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes: Contemporary classic living room with a luxury neutral and metallic jewel toned aesthetic | NONAGON.style
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The property boasts an excess of 3,200 square feet, and comes complete with three bedrooms, a separate office and custom chef’s kitchen, all decorated in a sophisticated palette of neutral and metallic jewel tones.

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes: Modern luxury neutral wood and marble kitchen | NONAGON.style
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Even better, the lucky occupants of this abode get access to the complex’s five star amenities, which include an indoor pool, sauna, movie theater and fitness center. More than just a home, it seems one million dollars in Baltimore buys you a whole luxury lifestyle. Not bad at all!

United Kingdom


From Charm City to the most famous river in England, the River Thames need no introduction. As noted in our city homes edition, London ain’t cheap. But what kind of waterfront property can you get with one million dollars?

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes: Luxury living room with floor to ceiling glass windows and water views | NONAGON.style
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Situated just East out of the city, it turns out one million dollars can get you a stunning luxury corner apartment with views looking out onto the Thames Barrier. Though you may not be at the center of the city action here, we’d wager that the stunning scenery and extra square footage is worth it!

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes: Bright minimalist bedroom with bed and faux fur throw | NONAGON.style
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In total, this property offers 1,179 square feet internally and an addition 91-square-foot balcony. Altogether, this translates to three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious reception room.

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes: Classic contemporary bathroom with black and white tiles | NONAGON.style
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As this property is a new build, there’s plenty of opportunity to put your own stamp on the interior aesthetic. Scandi-minimalism would be perfect for keeping with the city chic theme, acting as a neutral backdrop to the statement views.



As an island, the Emerald Isle of course has many fantastic coastal waterfront locations. However, if you’re looking to buy a property without the hefty price tag, it may pay to look inland instead. Don’t worry, thanks to Ireland’s dense proliferation of streams and rivers, you can still fulfill your dream of breathtaking water views!

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes: Exterior facade of a handsome late Georgian period property set in rural country grounds with a bridged stream | NONAGON.style
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Case in point, this delightful late Georgian country home which comes with an impressive four-story stone mill and a range of outbuildings. While the house itself doesn’t look out onto the river, its wider land offering does. Besides, we think the bridged stream and picturesque pond closer to home are more than worthy alternatives.

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes: Period stone mill overlooking a picturesque pond in the Irish countryside | NONAGON.style
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As you might have guessed already, this property is all about the great outdoors. It comes with a very generous 9.4 acres of private land — that’s the best bang for your buck on the list!

Million Dollar Riverfront Homes: A cozy country rustic living room with period features | NONAGON.style
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Behind the home’s handsome brick facade lies a traditional rustic country interior. While the style could do with some updating, inside boasts a treasure trove of original period features. There’s a marble chimney piece for instance, restrained plaster-work and beautiful door architraves. Overall, this property has five bedrooms, two bathrooms and a generously-sized family kitchen.

Which of these riverfront homes is your favorite?


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